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    Founded in 2005, The DXC Show started as an event to give sneaker heads the opportunity to purchase rare kicks from fellow counterparts. Since its original inception and due to its ever-growing popularity, The DXC Show has now extended its reach nationally and internationally including events in Vancouver, Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, New Zealand, and other major cities around the globe.
  3. View Advert Unloden Dunk Lo Pictures tell it all.. these are beaters, authetic Advertiser sidious Date 02/19/17 Price 20.00 USD Category Size 10  
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    Pictures tell it all.. these are beaters, authetic

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  7. put. my. dick. in. your. ear. and. fuck. what. you. heard.
  8. yeah folks get everything they could get from here on IG in a matter of seconds. no experience quite like forums though, cant be duplicated
  9. Just went on the instagram for the site, now i know why no one comes on here anymore.. social media took over for realz for realz.. Good $hit though.. On a side note, sitting in a meeting before at my job(engineer firm) and they were talking about making changes(destroying) the skatepark in Avalon(bottom of NJ). i felt some type of way when i heard that.. but they've been saying for a couple years now no one really uses it.. smh... Times have changed and will only continue to change more.. Even going to NYC now is just boring..
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  11. for springtime wearing
  12. copped the yeezys
  13. maybe i dunno
  15. louis ck is a funny dude
  16. #FakeNews
  18. 😂😂😂 don't worry fam. Had me fucked Up for hours.
  19. what happened to the insert attachment option.. wanted to put a pic.. anyone seen those FTC Blazers?? they look vintage and are a Beauty!
  20. gonna copp for $65.. that Local Deal ya smell me
  21. +1
  22. Hope you good my dude, real talk..
  23. i can't even hide it, this $hit for some reason had me dyin with laughter!!!! LMAO LMAO LMAO
  24. "Yes hello I'd like to run the education system plz." "well do you have any experience?" "No, but I donated a shit ton of money to the RNP and I love Jesus." "Welcome aboard!"
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