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  1. Last week
  2. lol thats crazy
  3. two of my homies copped bikes
  4. supreme made a bike?
  5. was swift but couldnt cop the preme bike
  6. rip prodigy
  7. Nah. Their trail shoes are coo.
  8. do i bother trying to cop the zebra re-release or sleep in or saturday
  9. no, fuck nike
  10. Doesn't it just warm your heart when you give the homie some sbs and they actually wear it rather than stock them?
  11. Earlier
  12. that isnt a 'what the' dunk
  13. yikes
  14. are they fucking serious with this shit?
  15. these are pretty cool
  16. Why isn't there a pussy eating emoji
  17. yes
  18. wasn't there a real store on this site a long ass time ago?
  19. all sold man
  20. you got any wingtips?
  21. buy my janowskis
  22. If anyone has legit 10.5, 11 please send me a msg. Have bids at stockx, dont see any on ebay or classifieds here
  23. F my life, these sold already. Forget the question above. Super bummed :((((((((((((((
  24. what do i do with my free $125 internet moneys
  25. hey on another forum someone said: From images I'm seeing the ankle area and NIKE logo look too dark. Could be the lighting possibly..Should pretty much be the same color as the heel portion etc. Honestly for that price I'd look for another pair with no question. Seems about $150 is normal here. So you're not losing anything. Legit pair: Thoughts on this? Hard for me to tell
  26. bond316 but i'm not sure what email was associated with it. if its a gmail one then I can probably access it, if it is .email then i won't have access.
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