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    Also thanks again for the hook up richy you're the man
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    i'm not gonna lie, do miss the Style Guide.. lol
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    my liver is russian my lungs is dutch
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    posted these in the dunk forums but take a look at these if you haven't already. pretty cool samples http://sneakernews.com/2017/02/27/sandy-bodecker-nike-sb-dunk-samples/
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    dunk hi 'denim' pack - http://www.sneakerbistrony.com/2012/04/kicks-nike-dunk-hi-denim-pack.html
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    who tf still wears sb's bye richard
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    Man, I hope the rest of the year goes as planned.
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    Piano seems like it would be easier. Also, if you don't use the language often you tend to forget it. I used to know French, but now...
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    those hufs <3 I like the looks of those vans as well
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    Just a few goodies I've picked up in the last 8 months or so.......... FYI, Sid, if you don't have a pair of the new Reese Forbe High, i have a pair here(size 10) if you want them.. just let me know and i'll send them your way!! Enjoy the weekend Fellaz!!
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    after a google search I can see why
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    Never been a fan of Emma Watson. Shay Mitchell has been my favorite for some time now.
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    not a big fan of rap, but Chance donating a cool milly to Chicago public schools is dope as fuck
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    bank then haircut then beach then laundry then video games then sex. Tomorrow gonna be a good day
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    can I come? I'll be there in June.
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    if we could somehow drive marketplace traffic from FB, ebay and Grailed (ie provide a better service via variety and Legit Checks, etc) promote via social media, develop badass B/S/T platform, ???, profit.
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    those first ones are awesome its a pretty good time to buy sb's right now honestly
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    niceeeee a couple of the homies scored pairs as well
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    somehow, someway I copped
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    what a shit show that was. think I got the Sade shirt in navy. wanted the field hoodie though