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    Dug these out of cold storage today they haven't seen the light of day in a few years..
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    kind of, main thing is people contributing here including myself.. we all just shoot the shit back and forth in this thread. which kind of is its own proper echo chamber. just making new threads around the board will help, calendar events, etc.. kind of throwing bottles in the ocean metho right now
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    for springtime wearing
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    what happened to the insert attachment option.. wanted to put a pic.. anyone seen those FTC Blazers?? they look vintage and are a Beauty!
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    LOL. I think anyone selling any SB over $300 is a fool. Unless they are super rare to begin with. #CongratsYouPlayedYaSelf
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    What's good brotha.. not sure if its you but are you selling a pair of De La Soul High(OG) on ebay?? if so, please let me know..
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    i have tons of great shoes, just not nikes. not getting finessed by nike anymore lol. they might me making some sort of attempt at getting their rep back but its far too late for me, moved on to better products already. quality is still meh, shape and fit are still meh, and now retro is the new name of the game. not interested
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    People on here get steals all the time most are from eBay, but what about those steals from thrift stores i want to dedicate this thread to the people who get amazing deals at thrift stores around the country ill start it out with these and ill have more to add soon
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    About to head to wallys. Fuck da hype https://www.walmart.com/ip/Coleman-CT200U-Trail200-Gas-Powered-Mini-Bike/40486686
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    Dunk Low Elite http://news.nike.com/footwear/nike-sb-zoom-dunk-elite-low-sean-malto
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    Ironing out all the kinks in the forum first.. for the most part it's there, then going to go over to the blog side of stuff. Just have to make the forums a richer experience than FB Groups, NT, etc.. Good news on the forum tip is pretty much the only existing sneaker one is niketalk and they still get a good bit of traffic. Also we own this page https://plus.google.com/communities/117940802680831734653, so will just need a method to funnel traffic back here through contest or whatever.
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    can we make this site great again so I can quit this job and write/blog/etc?
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    can i have those SEA CRYSTAL'S??? pppllleeeaaazzzeeeeeeeeee
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    put. my. dick. in. your. ear. and. fuck. what. you. heard.
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    hahah.. i feel you.. i still have toooo many dunks.. all good though.. i love em.. i do have a size 9.5 still.. went on a de la frenzy for a couple months and they aren't doing to well.. lol... looking for another pair that's clean and reasonable priced.. i get it, it's an og sb and blah blah blah.. lol.. mofos' out here stylin with these prices though..
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    You've heard rumors, seen teasers, read the tweets, and have been patiently awaiting their release to the N-SB FAMILY! Size - # Remaining 7 - [color="#FF0000"]PENDING PAYMENT 7 1/8 - SOLD OUT 7 1/4 - SOLD OUT 7 3/8 - SOLD OUT 7 1/2 - SOLD OUT 7 5/8 - SOLD OUT 7 3/4 - SOLD OUT 7 7/8 - SOLD OUT 8 - SOLD OUT [/color] Huge thanks and credit to Kr3st for the amazing photo work. Well, here they are. Starting 9/9/10 I will be filling orders for N-SB.org New Eras. No dibs, strictly first come first serve. PM me directly with your Username, real name (name on the paypal account), and your size. Additional details are below. Payment Paypal GIFT. Or Paypal + 4%. If you are an International member the only option is Paypal GIFT. I can accept USPS Money Orders + $2 fee, but they have to be sent USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Conf. Shipping US -- $6.25 via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Conf. INTL -- $15-25 Price $42 (not including S&H) Info on the first New Era fitted ever produced for a sneaker forum A little bit of info on the caps. Made with on-field materials. Color is black, with a kelly green underbrim. Silver metallic stitching for the N-SB.org logo, placed atop a white/glow in the dark backdrop. This same white/glow in the dark thread is used on the stars and on quote on the underbrim. Don't sleep!!!! 9/8/10 these will be blogged on the front page so be quick cause this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, never to be re-done in this colorway/materials.
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