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    mobile app coming soon to a theater near you
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    woah thats lit sounds like good news for now
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    started that community wayyyy back when. has like 150k users on there, kind of took off on its own.
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    tapped seam jacket today + cash gun
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    if you wait for the light to turn green before you put your left blinker on youre an asshole thats it
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    Still here. Cool. @sidious So we're like the warriors? Cool. Hope it's not like last year, though. Top dog then fuck up at the end and lose everything.
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    pretty toney/killah priest was fucking lit last nite
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    keep me in the loop for the blog @sidious also, anyone have a pair of wingtips they wanna sell me?
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    I purchased these rayguns and need a second opinion Click on the img and they will pop up
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    people with their own path in life and not following others still wear SB's!!
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    ^Copped the zebras All white yeezys (4/29) Earth Yeezy's probably sometime in May
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    who tf still wears sb's bye richard
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    any of idiots that collect sbz wanna buy sum janos? distressed, inuits, fleece, obsidian gum, white gum 9-10
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    Man, I hope the rest of the year goes as planned.