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    two of my homies copped bikes
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    Hey guys, been around here forever with a different username. But cant remember the password for the life of me. Last login I think shows 2007 Wanted a legit check on the Nike SB Dunk Low Premium “McFly” Looks legit to me but would love some confirmation from the OGs on here before dropping ~$140
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    Bruh. Cant shake that in december was inches away when fork of ethereum took place to throw 10k into it. Would be worth 350k plus right Fml. Sent from my SM-G935P using N-SB mobile app powered by Tapatalk
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    hobos dont ask anything in return so why not they got nothing to lose as well so bon appetit mon ami, c'est bon
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    i'll live my life how i want
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    I lowkey want those reverse wheats but not for retail doe
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    Everyone needs a hobby.. er hobo
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    stop eating hobo ass for fun
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    Fuck man I thought I had herpes the last few days and just got my blood test back negative. Such a damn relief