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    What a shame, beautiful things used to happen in here.
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    man rip big black
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    ive bought tons of rare pieces via grailed in these past few months, definitely worth giving it a look
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    May all be well with everyone!!
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    yo homies can someone LC these for me? https://www.grailed.com/listings/2319127-Nike-Nike-SB-Tiffany
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    looking to buy es koston 3's plz msg me or email me @ikeepsix@gmail.com
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    i need to stop buying shit
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    Haven't been on these forums in a minute. I'm impressed you've been able to get through multiple times. All manual? I finally got through for the first time on the all white release...but still haven't received shipping confirmation. Going to go ahead and assume I missed out again.
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    All og ds all !!! The picture with more Dunks all US11 The other Picture All US11,5
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    its so tempting to buy a bunch of old dunks now that theyre so cheap but i know i'd never wear them
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    just seeing this now but EDIT: ALL WHITES THIS SATURDAY, LETS MAKE IT 3 IN A ROW