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    Dug these out of cold storage today they haven't seen the light of day in a few years..
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    Also thanks again for the hook up richy you're the man
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    I'm down, but only if our intro jingle is "Look at my LEBRAWNS" and Ghost 3stacks narrates all the ads
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    this the gnarliest thing ive ever done Â
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    Don't you dare question meek
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    What a shame, beautiful things used to happen in here.
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    i'm not gonna lie, do miss the Style Guide.. lol
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    Honestly I don't really care for sbs any more.  Even the ones I own are starting to resemble beaters.  I just don't hold them in high regard anymore... they're just...shoes.
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    Meek, sometimes you're such a negative Nancy.  Just let me catch Pokemon in peace.
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    Added to calendar -Â Â
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    i volunteer. for the good of the children only of course
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    lol meek looking to do some lavish self servicing  Â
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    Booty short season has arrived, fuck yeah.Â
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    I live in the city lol I don't even own a car. Â
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    Managed to get my hands on these yesterday, just a few more to cross off the list
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    Save a whale harpoon a fat chick. i did my civic duty, never again
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    if you arent interested in coming back when you here den bruh. . .
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    Just picked up my first pair of JROD
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    mobile app coming soon to a theater near you
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    dunk hi 'denim' pack - http://www.sneakerbistrony.com/2012/04/kicks-nike-dunk-hi-denim-pack.html
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    What's good brotha.. not sure if its you but are you selling a pair of De La Soul High(OG) on ebay?? if so, please let me know..
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    I'm from Nicaragua, last time I had gone must have been 4 years ago, its a really beautiful country, but security-wise you just gotta be smart. If you have a friend who lives there and can guide you then you should go, but if not then Costa Rica is the better bet.
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    and i do hope all is well with Everyone!!
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    Lmao. Is this a real thing, or did Richy just roll heavy ASF.Â
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    bought dunks for the first time in ages both for $90
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    we ve come full circle minus the popularityÂ
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    Dom still a bitch but I'd fuck his wife
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    GOT ME A GOOD FUCKIN JOB. Anyone tryna gameshare on Xbox one? Need some decent shit to play lol
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    shouldve made a blue waffle pack as well
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    Distress white leather :heart emoji: Â
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    had a nice jano collection.. Â i've added so much more since.. Â Â Good Times!!
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    wait gifs are posted like this?Â
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    Vault by Vans Sk8 Hi Zip LX 'Premier Suede'Â
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    It's been so long....
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    Vault by Vans x Proper LBC Satin Sk8 Hi LXÂ