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Recent content by brendanbrendan

  1. brendanbrendan

    Shipping took a little long due to customs, but this guy here was very friendly and helpful. Thanks a lot man, I'm glad I finally got them. A+++ seller!
  2. brendanbrendan

    The eBay thread

    i was gonna bid on that, but i asked the seller for tagged pics which he wouldnt sent to me. plus he seemed really shady.
  3. brendanbrendan

    Nike SB Dunk High "Oceanic Airlines" Out Now.

    wow that looks really nice cemeterydrive. is the color really THAT purple? it looks more purple than in other pics haha.
  4. brendanbrendan

    Shops in London

    Thanks a lot man! liggen die winkels een btje dichtbij elkaar of liggen ze erg verspreid? denk dat ik vooral in westminster rondhang
  5. brendanbrendan

    Shops in London

    Sup nsb So I'm going to London next week, and I was wondering where all the big streetwear shops are. Mainly looking for Supreme gear. Can anyone help me out? lol Peacee
  6. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Unfuturas
  7. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Sea Crystal Highs
  8. brendanbrendan


    bought some tiffs from him. really nice guy to deal with - very friendly, helpful and fast communication. great seller, buy from this man
  9. brendanbrendan

    Diamond Supply Co. 2010

    Anyone know where I can still get the "Live to live" tee in black/tiffany or black/purple?
  10. brendanbrendan

    Diamond Supply Co. 2010

    does anyone know where i can get the black-white alchemist tee? and this one: ??
  11. brendanbrendan

    The eBay thread

    nice man, i was also bidding on that one. ;p
  12. brendanbrendan

    The eBay thread

    just won these
  13. brendanbrendan

    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Pacman

    i saw someone rocking em yesterday, they look pretty sick in person, better than online
  14. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Send Helps

    i just got these in, wanted to be sure if they are legit: sorry about bad quality / blurry pics, dont have a better cam
  15. brendanbrendan

    Legit check: Purple pigeons

    bought these a while ago, im pretty sure they are legit, but just wanted to be sure: sorry about the bad quality n blurry pics, dont have a better cam