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    check out this guy's kijiji page : please feel free to spam him!
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    Nice Brazil highs back there. That's one pair I've always had the intent to pick up, just never been in the right price/right time.
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    The Official Non-Dunk SB Pickup Thread 2013

    Hmm, I didn't think that there was a paul brown "pack" per se... Not to say I'm not a PB fan though... :) Also, who is Paul Brown with regards to skateboarding? I've never heard of him. There are other non-sb shoes with Paul Brown colourways (AF1's, other blazers, etc...) so I always thought...
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    The Official Non-Dunk SB Pickup Thread 2013

    Wow, that's crazy! I was always under the impression that the Paul Brown Blazer was the first blazer offered in skate shops. I've never even heard of those, let alone seen them.
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    Ugliest 2012 Nike SB of the year? Including quickstrikes.

    Gotta say, those pig highs look awful shitty, but I haven't liked any dunk highs put out after the Send Helps. They're all pretty much bland!
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    The Official Nike Dunk SB Pickup Thread: December 2012

    Thanks guys, yeah I haven't been on NSB for a while. Still lurking and buying the odd pair of SB's, but it just isn't the same here as it was say 4-5 years ago. Cool to see some familiar names still here though! I'd let go of the paul brown's for the right price. I've been looking for a pair...
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    The Official Nike Dunk SB Pickup Thread: December 2012

    bonus pic - the brown family reunion -
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    LTB 11-11.5 Vans Dr. T's High tops (or lows), TNT (ones)

    Good luck man, I've been looking for some villanova Dr.T highs for like 6 years! Definitely a tough shoe to find in any colorway.
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    Is NSB really this dead? Wow... Shitty pic, trusty favourites
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    Loving these, black full grain leather loden sk8-hi
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    Looking to buy sbs in 7.5 or 8

    Got some size 8 reed stone janoski's, pm me an offer if you're interested!
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    LTB: SB Dunks Size 8.5 - 9.5

    Got some VNDS grits, I think they're size 8.5. No OG box, just the shoes.
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    "New" Fakes

    Yeah, I'm looking at a pair of red supreme lows in size 10 worn twice, for sale locally. I talked the guy down to 325 for them. It's a decent price I think, but I just don't know how to spot fakes like I do with the older stuff. I haven't been able to find any legit guide for anything newer...
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    "New" Fakes

    I figured as much, with releases like the pusheads and 2012 supreme lows. Anyone know how to spot a pair of new fakes?
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    "New" Fakes

    Has anyone seen a fake of any of the later release Dunk SB's? I'm talking about the colourways released after the redesign of the shoe.