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Recent content by bridgener

  1. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    No problems, I did it by choice this time lol. I wanted to take care of the surface rust before it becomes something to worry about, and clean and re-seal the engine. But I'm doing some upgrades at the same time: Later model 5.0L heads (I hand ported them as well) T-5 5 speed trans/new...
  2. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Good stuff lately! What's goin on here?!
  3. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Sounds like you've got a good plan, cool that' you're sticking with the KA too. I think most people just go straight for the SR20 swaps. There's a local dude with a KA-T in his 240 and it runs low 13 1/4 mile times which I find pretty impressive. Haha I bet parallel parking is a...
  4. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    both cars look really nice option. what's the plan for the S14?
  5. bridgener

    Skate 3

    I just played the demo, and I'm pretty stoked on it, especially hardcore mode. Should make the career mode tougher, but I'll still be able to get through the game doing stupidness. The best part of the game is trying to do realistic stuff after beating it anyways, and hardcore mode just...
  6. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    thanks man, the work on the wheels definitely paid off. how's your old honda running?
  7. bridgener


    you mean ps a member? ps=photoshop
  8. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    ^right back at you my man! Nice choice of wheels, they really set your car off. What are they?
  9. bridgener

    The Official Non-Dunk SB Pick - Up Thread - 2010

    dope rasta FC's man! just out of curiosity, why do you never use the letter "k"?
  10. bridgener

    Nike Dunk Low SB Premium-"yellow curb"

    pretty cool looking. Putting a mesh toebox on a shoe inspired by something actually skate-related is kind of stupid though. If these are actually "inspired" by yellow curbs, the yellow streak on the heel is probably just meant to look like the streaks you get on shoes and bottom of your board...
  11. bridgener

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    I was browsing the shoe rack at winners a few weeks ago and the theme song came on. My day was instantly 1000000x better
  12. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Also been working on this a lot lately. It's my uncle's, not mine though.
  13. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Two sweet looking bimmers up there guys! Did a little bit of a makeover this weekend. Finally finished up my Enkei 92's and got new Kumho rubber on friday It still had the 4x4 stance with the stock front springs though, so I finally put on my eibach pro-kit springs out front. Now lowered...
  14. bridgener

    What were your first sb's?

    Cayenne suede sb classics... so buttery
  15. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    come saturday I should finally have something good to post in this thread.......