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Recent content by C&KdLow

  1. C&KdLow

    General Automotive Talk

    Exhaust finally ripped off last night after driving around for 2 weeks with it banging around and sparks flying out from under the car! hahahahaha FTMFW!!!!
  2. C&KdLow

    West 49 getting SBz?!

    Well this is somewhat good news for me, since I have been getting away from sb's as much as possible in the last 4 or 5 months and this would be reason enough to quit it haha. The work is comming along on my jordan and air max game (ignore old sig)
  3. C&KdLow

    General Automotive Talk

    Finally got some winter statuspictures, cant wait for spring for coilovers and a new exhaust. and some snapped off muffler content for larfs:
  4. C&KdLow

    General Automotive Talk

    DUNXXX: True snowplow status right there!! and those BBS'=SEX haha Pick up some smoked tails and a votex rack for the jetta yesturday. Going on tomorrow as well as new front brakes. Now the hunt for a thule fairing starts. Winterstatus pics up soon!
  5. C&KdLow


    for the loss...... me still having a dell laptop. New Years resolution for 2010= Get a mac! anyways heres my backround
  6. C&KdLow

    General Automotive Talk

    wouldn't have it any other way man haha. Forgot to mention infinity speakers all around, 12" infinity sub, 350 watt mtx amp and Pioneer deck, nothing outa this world but it sound reallly good, very clear. and on the rim front i actually just got word from a buddy that a friend of his has a...
  7. C&KdLow

    General Automotive Talk

    1994 Jetta Turbo Diesel only has 170 000 orginal kms which is absolutely nothing for a vw diesel Winterstatus right now New suspension all around in the spring, going low. either snowflakes or corrado steelies also, you vw guys know what im talking about,.
  8. C&KdLow

    Flywire currents legit check

    Just wondering what was going on with these if they are legit or not. Thanks, for taking a peak for me
  9. C&KdLow


    Threw a good deal out, and hooked me up with his infrareds which i know hurt him a little inside. Shipped real fast and was always quick to reply to questions. Most def will do business with drew again.
  10. C&KdLow

    W.O.W. September

    Damn, those infrareds look dope this month. make me want a pair even more. Anyone willing to part with a pair of size 11's pm me asap!!!
  11. C&KdLow

    Nike SB Stefan Janoski Pro Model

    Any word on the release date for the black with white sole and check ones? Im diggin' these and need to know the release date. and sorry in advance if someone already mentioned it a few pages back but i didnt have time to go through em.
  12. C&KdLow

    What One's Wearing March 09

    Well here we go, first time wdywtd post Flip cup tourney friday night Pirates New Era WESC hoody Orisue Levi's Vapor Mids (not pictured) Saturday, the most ridiculous day I think ive ever had. The annual Cheaton Cup Hockey game at my university between 2 rival residences. Started...
  13. C&KdLow

    Serial Killers

    This guy had issues for sure, A friend of 2 of my friends from BC lived next to the farm and they said that he could hear the tractor and other farm equipment going at no bueno hours of the morning
  14. C&KdLow

    Nike SB Holiday 09 - The Non-Dunk SB's

    all of this is garbage, what is nike thinking with these colorways? i can honestly say i dont like any of them. just another reason to start getting away from nike SB............................ fuck
  15. C&KdLow

    Your Internet Addiction?

    I've been for the last month and a half at least just getting hyped to get my car back on the road. but i geuss the rotation has been vwvortex/facecrack/nsb/golfwrx