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Recent content by dexSTAR

  1. dexSTAR


    LOLWAT. oh well, shit happens.
  2. dexSTAR

    Nike Dunk HI SB x Eric Koston "Thai Temple"

    Remind me of Lucky's
  3. dexSTAR


    my friend told me zumiez carries stussy now, lolwat.
  4. dexSTAR

    The Thrift Store Pickup Thread

    WTF. My nordstrom rack is wack compared to that one :(. It does have some vanz heaters from time to time (vaults AND I've seen W)tap slip ons/eras and a few syndicates). Ive also seen b/w tre's and a few am90s.
  5. dexSTAR

    Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver

    lol, do you guys EV train and sh/t?
  6. dexSTAR

    NIKE SB P-ROD 2.5 - Feb 10 release

    aw no more sb laces lol
  7. dexSTAR

    Nike Zoom Classic SB "Newsprint"

    yes, could do without the perf, but still great!
  8. dexSTAR

    Nike Blazer SB "SHOE"

    these are nice.
  9. dexSTAR

    The Official Non-Dunk SB Pick - Up Thread - 2010

    grant taylors are nice
  10. dexSTAR

    NIKE SB P-ROD 2.5 - Feb 10 release

    takashis are fap
  11. dexSTAR

    Nike Dunk Low SB - Larry Perkins - Chirping - Out Now.

    press it in the middle of a test and people are gonna go wtf, ftw.
  12. dexSTAR

  13. dexSTAR


    is there such thing as C-Grades? i was at viejas and found some sport red blazers, on the box theres a C and the tag have C's on them.
  14. dexSTAR

    Post what made your day

    yesterday i went to viejas outlet, found sport red blazers in 12.5 for $54 and i got 501XX's. oh yeah, also went to best buy and got a year of live for 40 bucks FTMFW!
  15. dexSTAR

    Selvage/Raw denim questions

    o0o0o thanks. 38x32 might be hard to find :o