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Recent content by DrLight

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    sold him some infrareds awhile back. legit
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    Nike Dunk Low Premium SB / Ms. Pacman

    check these out in person. they're pretty sweet. the yellow lining is money
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    NSB128 2009

    Match 1) Bucks Match 2) Denim Forbes Match 3) Awayguns Match 4) Medicom 2s Match 5) Zoo Yorks Match 6) Hulks Match 7) Bruts Match 8) Irons Match 1) Loons Match 2) Hay Highs Match 3) Heavens Gates Match 4) Hulks
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    Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Low Black/White

    BEATERS! yee.
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    Nike Blazer SB - Purple

    i was excited for these just as anyone else.. but those new pics make me change my mind.. lighter color than what i thought they were going to be.. same thing happened with those sea crystal blazers for me.. sadly, i might just pass.
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    Nike Lance Mountain Blazer SB Pack

    these are super sexy. might have to get 2 pairs. do not sleep on these.
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    Nike SB Summer 09 Dunks

    big ups to warhead. youre my hero.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - Aqua/Black

    my shop just got these in. let me know if you want me to snag you a pair. feel free to pm me
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    Nike SB Dunk High- Black/White

    ^i lol'ed when i read that
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    New Nike Dunk Hi - Black/Green Stiching

    i wonder what the inspiration was for these shoes
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    Blue/Black Air Trainer II SB

    wow. these are too clean. need these asap
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    'Sea Crystal' Blazer

    so cal heads. blends in costa mesa has these... saw them in person.. more green than i expected so i didnt cop. :/ ..its going to be along time to wait for those purple blazers lol
  13. D


    meet up with him. everything went smoothly. MAD LEGIT
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    'Sea Crystal' Blazer

    ^i dont think they've released in socal yet... or at least i havent seen any