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Recent content by Gamma_5

  1. Gamma_5

    SB is BACK in da PEG!

    I've gotten to know Mike and Ryan through the shop and they are both super cool. Mike just got back from skating in Spain with the Habitat team. Green Apple is hands down the best shop in da Peg and it'll keep getting better. Gamma_5
  2. Gamma_5

    West 49 getting SBz?!

    First off, this is not been confirmed but, I heard from a reliable source that national skateboard retailer West 49 is getting an SB account. Has anyone heard anything else? They already carry the Nike 6.0 stuff. I personally thinks that if true, this is terrible news. Hopefully they just get...
  3. Gamma_5

    Legit Check: Bandaids

    I found these Bandaids on ebay and are wondering about their authenticity: ...there is no inside tag pic but, the guys has great feedback. Thanks for all repsonses, Gamma_5
  4. Gamma_5

    DuhReeeezys Collection.

    Nice collection! Rayguns, Pusheads and Morks are all kicks I'd like to have in my collection. Keep it up! Gamma_5
  5. Gamma_5

    **GMoney **

    Smooth transaction, authentic kicks and good communication. Cat's legit. Will do business with again.
  6. Gamma_5


    Smooth transaction on the Shanghai 2's. Good deal and was willing to work with me on my shipping requests. Will do business with again. Gamma_5
  7. Gamma_5

    SB is BACK in da PEG!

    After 2+ years of dry times, Winnipeg finally has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday, Green Apple Skate Shop ( on Corydon got some Venoms, UnHeaven Gates and some Stefan Janoskis. This is great news for the SB-Headz like myself who have...
  8. Gamma_5

    Legit Check: Pusheads

    What it do, nsb. Wanted your opinion os some Pusheads on ebay... Thanks for your replies and expertise, Gamma_5
  9. Gamma_5

    Legit Check: Day of the Deads ...I've asked for box and inside tag pics but, what do you guys think based on the available pix? Thanks, Gamma_5
  10. Gamma_5

    Legit Check: Blue Avengers ...looks like a reuptable dude. No inside tag pics. Gamma_5
  11. Gamma_5

    Legit Check: Blue Avengers ...looks like a reuptable dude. No inside tag pics. Gamma_5
  12. Gamma_5

    Legit Check: Raygun Away|240%3A1318 Thanks, Gamma_5
  13. Gamma_5

    Gamma_5 collection

    I am 9.5 or 10. You can buy the Mork's off me because they are at Flight Club LA: (sz 9.5) Keep the comments coming! Gamma_5
  14. Gamma_5

    Gamma_5 collection Rolling 20 deep so far. DOTD's on the way. 99% Gold Boxes.... Gamma_5
  15. Gamma_5

    Legit Check: De La Hi and Supremes

    Thanks for the replies guys, hopefully I can win the De La auction for a good price. Gamma_5