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    fast payment,good comminucation...usps SUCKS!!! lol
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - Cappucino/Silver

    nice and simple...any new pics?
  3. G

    Nike SB Dunk High- Black/White

    nice and simple...just hwo i like it..
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    New Nike SB Dunk Hi - 'Shoe Goo'

    just lace them up, they are kinda short...thats why i just put white sb laces in there..even tho i like the white n red ones kinda... i got white sb laces in mine
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Green/Pink/Black

    quite a few people did according to my spots...i hope u guys dont think everybody that buys sneakers are on these forums... its a generalization...most people might not like the shoe...but some obviously do... if u didnt like it, why would u buy it even if its 40% off?
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    New Nike SB Dunk Hi - 'Shoe Goo'

    yea its stitched up on the side not like other highs...this one i wont even lace up thru that hole in fear of that part sagging...heres a quick pic...
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Green/Pink/Black

    lol they sold more than that..i copped the first pair at mia when i went to get those aqua mids on friday and like 3 heads were behind me with em...but u right long as i like em thats all that matters thas exactly what i was sayin...
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Green/Pink/Black a nice match for that green its somethin diff..glad all u guys hate it lol
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - Aqua/Black

    yea had these since friday
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    where are u from kid? mia sell most shit at retail...seeing that i get most of my kicks there...they sold these for 120...not retail...but rape? far from it
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    Nike SB Dunk High - Perfect Pink

    im gonna check these out...
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - Aqua/Black

    the price is retail 89.99 how is that a ripoff lol that made me laugh...ur 2nd fav pair but u have to see them in person first?
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    Nike SB Dunk High - Anthracite/Summit Highs

    so that means dont get a nice shoe cuz YOU think a nicer shoe is coming? lol how bout u get both or however many it is...
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    New Nike SB Dunk High - Black/Chlorine Blue

    not bad but nothing special...i might pass on these..since there are other dunks id rather get with similar colors.. unless i get a good deal lol