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  1. jwizvr6


    excellent seller, fair priced, and extremely fast shipping. def would do business again!
  2. jwizvr6


    Excellent legit seller!!! A+++ extremely easy to deal with, great communication and speedy delivery! Def would do business with cemeterydrive again.. Thanks again. Loving the shoes!
  3. jwizvr6


    A++++ seller. Very easy to deal with. Fast ass delivery! Would def do business again. Again thanks dvzman for the 720s!
  4. jwizvr6


    Legit seller!!! Bought a pair of Orange Supremes for soundwave333. It was a great experience. Great communication and fast delivery. Absolutely satisfied with the supremes!!! A+++++ seller! Def would do business again. Thanks.
  5. jwizvr6


    Excellent legit seller!!! Great communication, fair priced, and speedy delivery! A+++++ experience! Def would do business with 1shoeaddict again. Thanks!
  6. jwizvr6

    Legit seller!!! It was a smooth and such a fast process. Great communication, speedy delivery and over all an A+++++ experience! Def do business again! Thanks.
  7. jwizvr6


    Great seller. Excellent price and extremely fast shipping! Def do business again. Thanks!
  8. jwizvr6


    KID IS LEGIT! Was great doing business with him. Communication is key! And he's on point with that. Appreciate the Coraline dunks. Also appreciate the patience with puttin up wit me! Haha Def would refer to buy from *K!dXPaperchasin'*! -til next time man.
  9. jwizvr6

    8 months of nothing but sbs

    great collection! keep it up!
  10. jwizvr6

    MY COLLECTION SHOT as of right now

    oooo that second row looks sooo tasty. very nice!
  11. jwizvr6

    fatjodz's stuff

    very very awesome collection!
  12. jwizvr6

    My Dunk Collection *New and Updated*

    1st off, the coralines and the denim his *thumbs up* love the collection. esp the doubles. as well as the lace selection!
  13. jwizvr6

    my collection

    cool send helps. the unheavens are slowly becoming my personal fave! keep it up!
  14. jwizvr6

    DereckSayz Collection!

    diggin the dooms and the mids!
  15. jwizvr6

    the collection of a 15 year old

    very cool! keep it up!