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Recent content by kikcrazii92

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    100% LEGIT. Great communication, everything went smooth, very chill person to do business with. Will do business again anytime. thanks again.
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    100% legit. took some of my old cards off my hands. came correct, will deff do business again.
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    im not an expert on that but i wouldn't drop that line on her. just my 0.02$
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    ++++ LAX / JFK ++++

    any info on how i can pick up a guru tee? ( above the clouds ) if possible that anyone has a xl. pm me.
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    ^^ I know pickyourshoes is 100% legit no doubt about that BUT idk if i was your boy I would actually keep em if they are indeed legit. Mess ups like that don't happen often and you'll be suprised how collectible bum pairs are esp. one with a mess up that big. I'm not condoning fakes...
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    **NSB QUOTES**

    co-sign x2 Gabes post should be a mandatory read before entering that topic. lol EDIT: Too long to quote it.
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    The Thrift Store Pickup Thread

    can i get a hook up? PM me if you think we can work out something as for making some pick ups for me from spots around you. thanks :]
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    The Thrift Store Pickup Thread

    That was posted almost a year ago..
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    till some type of REAL footage is leaked or surfaces its a no go for me. by REAL i mean not a minute of flashing screenshots. COD has never been known for having a strong single player. Multiplayer is the only thing that this series has to go own and the way the gaming is going now it looks...
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    Halo Reach??

    legendary edition pre-ordered because im a sucker for collectible statues/figures. EDIT: Page starta.
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    Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

    I haven't played for a bit so i signed on and first 5 games i either got spawn killed by a danger close noob tube or danger close ac130.Tried out some snd and appearently a spas 12 is no match for a commando lunge. I give up on this game alan wake/halo reach here i come.
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    100% LEGIT, one of the best sellers on this site second time dealing with prospect and again all i can say is smooth. fast shipping,great communication just buy from this guy! thanks again A+
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    Robot Unicorn Attack

    87,540 i need a life..
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    not getting excited until i hear they're bringing back zombies. ZOMBIES or GTFO!