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Recent content by markdelete

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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    lots of Ontario shops still have the Chirping Bird Dunks stock this weekend. heads up for all looking for em. *per BlueTile's site none of the Canada ones will make any sound at all. :(
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    Nike Dunk Low SB - Larry Perkins - Chirping - Out Now.

    just got a pair today. size 13, no ring & no button to even suggest that it could ring. killer shoe, little bummed that the gimmik isnt there.
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    Nike Sb Blazer Matte Silver / Midnight Navy, + Blazer Black / Lt.Graphite

    grey/blue ones are killer. best sb in a long while.
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    OFFICIAL March 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick-Up Thread

    got me some orange/blue highs. been ages since i got some SBs.
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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    just a heads up Goodfoot in Toronto is shut down.
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    West 49 getting SBz?!

    gota keep making money some how, seeing how your target market is seeping out to the mainstream. you don't see all the Jordan heads freaking that their stuff is in every Footlocker on the planet. the state of SBs in Toronto shops could barely be considered on life support for over a year...
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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    i know. they toss stuff on their blog ASAP.
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    Prod 3: Close up...

    a shop here in canada has them right now. they are pretty awesome. wish the shop was close enough to go try the 3s on. pict of the 3s.
  9. M

    NIke sb Koston!

    you need to go back 3 spaces & get a clue.
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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    Stefan Janoski's at bluetile now. 7-12 $99.95
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    Blazer SB Preimum ' Kiss ' 2009

    yet more proof SBs are now for girls & 14 year olds.
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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    went to most Nike spots downtown looking for RT1s but no luck. heard SVP has them but I never get out that way. hope they show up with new stuff this coming weekend at Nike on Bloor. who may also get Yeezy's, its said that Niketowns are supposed to get them as well. So thats either Queen st...
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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    let your buddies get pairs OR deal with a mob of moronic hypebeats that scream & cry regardless of what happens, thugs, & thieves on release day? when given choice, i'd pick the later. just think its only for the grey ones this time. if you want all the colors you get to deal with this 2...
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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    i actually like Kanye but opinions matter not as this is for store updates. Goodfoot just changed their plans so Yeezy's are only friends & family. if you are neither of those, you are f'd. Rumor is that Footlocker is pre-ordered out. Last hope is fighting the Livestock crowd if you...
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    Toronto New Shipment/Store Updates Thread!!!

    Goodfoot, Livestock, & Yonge near Dundas Footlocker are all getting Air Yeezy's April 4th, if you know anyone cares. should be 260 - 300.