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Recent content by monochrome

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    Famous Sneakers

    chromeo on yo gabba gabba p thugg with grape Vs?
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    gaga "dressing down" for an afternoon at a NY mets game
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    Post your most Funny/Jaw Dropping Pics and vids

    Theres a puddin' stain on the back. What the fuck is that?! It might be DOO DOO.
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    What One's Wearing - June

    yo dereck chill out man. fun bunchin J. very nice outerwear too brian
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    What One's Wearing - June

    looking good guys (and gals). panic hows it feel wearin my art? wearing it for extended periods of time has been proven to help get you laid. after a morning of world cup, out to watch the A-Team. highly recommended.
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    Show Us Your Denim Pt. 1

    ^^^^here ya go sir
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    Show Us Your Denim Pt. 1

    thank ya. sized down 1 dude.
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    Movies you recently saw

    Prince of Persia - pretty good. not WOW but not terrible either. i have a slight crush on the chick in the movie gemma arterton since i saw her in quantum of solace so that sure as heck helped. Splice - i knew the movie was gonna be weird but i was not expecting the crazy directions that movie...
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    New Mortal Kombat Movie?

    some more info
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    Thank Me Later

    i enjoy drake but minaj i cant handle. i took a listen to her tapes because of the hype but her delivery is pretty much unbearable to me.
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    What One's Wearing - June

    haha its like youre writing poetry^^^ sweet shoes ztaylor and cool polo product. and a happy bday to you drew. sorry i couldnt make it :(
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    Show Us Your Denim Pt. 1

    haha i love how 2 months for you andrew is closer to 2 years of wear for me. looking good man. and great progress all around guys.
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    in terms of specific purpose its like any other lens. the reason why its mentioned a lot is because is a nice versatile focal length. not too wide and not too zoomed in which can allow for decent portrait/landscape shots depending on ones preferences of course. the f1.4 and f1.8 especially are...
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    Nike Sb Dunk High Black / Black - Solar Orange

    black/orange highs are mine mine mine mine mine. will be my first dunks in almost a year. love the toe color placement personally. its nice and different. same reason why i think the bisons are so great. also love to see all the kids passing on them. easy pickins for me.