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    What's the deal with these AM1's?

    There's plenty of sneakers from 2007. Why are these ones in particular being sold for $1000+?
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    What's the deal with these AM1's?

    So, on my local OfferUp a few months back, I saw someone selling these AM1's. Person acquired them from a storage unit, did some quick...
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    About Nike Dunk Barf's

    Which one is rarer?  The orange label, thin tongue, or the green label, fat tongue?  I'm guessing the fat tongue is rarer, since I see it less.  Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?
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    Dunks with fat tongues...

    Is it just me, or does anyone else have a bit of a weird experience wearing fat-tongued dunks?  I swear, every pair of them that i've owned, and tried on, I've tried all sorts of sizes, I went from a complete size too small, to a size too big, and it has always been the same experience...
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    About Nike x Supreme

    I noticed that over the years, there have been a number of Nikes that say "Supreme" on the shoebox.  What does "Supreme" mean?  I know Supreme is a clothing brand that Nike has collaborated with many times, but does that mean that every sneaker that mentions "Supreme" is a...
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    My latest shirt design.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    I\'ve got quite a few things I\'m looking to buy... sz\'s 8.5-9

    I'm only interested in buying the shoes if they're in good condition.  They must not have a lot of heel wear, or tears in the lining most importantly.   Nike SB Germany Blazer...
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    Barf Samples

    Normally, the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB "Barf" comes with a thinner "fat tongue."  This version comes in a silver/grey box, and has an orange size/color label on the box.  There are other, rarer versions that have the normal "Fat Tongue."  This one comes in a silver/grey box...
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    Legit Check Cinco\'s

    Based on these pictures alone, are you able to tell if they are legit?  Thanks in advance
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    Screen Printed Shirt

    I've decided to spread out my abilities, and moved onto screen printing shirts.  I've been making a few designs since summer started, but now I think my work is starting to get good.  Here is my latest work.  What do you guys think? I wanted to try and capture the whole...
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    It\'s been a while since I\'ve posted on these forums.

    Can any of you please tell me how to edit posts?  On one of my threads, I've accidentally posted 8 images of the same image, and I want to delete the extras, but I have no idea how to navigate my way around these forums anymore.  Thanks in advance
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    It\'s been years since I made a pair of paper shoes.

    Two weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to make him a pair of my Dunk High x White Cement IV mashup.  I realized that that exact model was the best one I've made to date.  I didn't think it would even be possible to remake it.  I gave it a shot, and I must say, It easily is better than...
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    Paper Blazer

    I got bored, and found a few scraps of paper lying around, and thought, why don't I try my hand at this again? I'm thinking if i should get back into this again.
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    New Era Legit Check

    I'm pretty sure this hat is real, so I'm not saying it is fake, but i just need to know, what things I should look for when identifying the authenticity of a New Era Fitted cap.
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    Is there a New Era Fitted Legit Check Guide?

    I've tried searching on here a bit, but there was no luck. Also, the search engine doesn't allow any of the terms to be 3 letters or less.