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Recent content by PoopsMagee

  1. PoopsMagee

    Nike Dunk Low "St. Pattys"/"Wallenberg" QS - Out Now.

    Couldn't agree more. Shame too cause the colorway's not bad
  2. PoopsMagee

    New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    Yo thanks for all the help guys. Got it straightened out through ebay. Shoulda waited for ourownnations tip tho, coulda saved some money through tactics. $120 shipped?? that's even better than in-store. Ya man I can't catch a break. Hah those skate mentals still haunt me haha. Ya man...
  3. PoopsMagee

    New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    So I hit up all 3 of my shops today and none of them had a size 12... they got up to 11.5, and 13... but NONE of them got a 12, whatsup with that? Anyone even seen any size 12's of these out in the wild? cause if they don't exist I might have to squeeze into an 11.5
  4. PoopsMagee


    This guy is legit as they come. Sold him some Medicom IV's and I know they got a good home. Don't hesitate to do business with this man. He's a scholar and a gentleman. Thanks again bro, enjoy dem kicks.
  5. PoopsMagee

    New Beijing~Nike SB Dunk Low Beijing China

    couldn't have said it better
  6. PoopsMagee

    New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    dammit... thought I was gonna be able to save some money those pics ended that notion.
  7. PoopsMagee


    bought some DS Tweed Hi's from obey22 at an AWESOME price. He shipped first thing the next day and sent a tracking number asap. Super legit all around. A perfect transaction. Thanks again for the shoes bro
  8. PoopsMagee


    very, VERY clean capital
  9. PoopsMagee

    New Nike Dunk Hi - Black/Green Stiching

    I love that smell that shit gets me high
  10. PoopsMagee

    Zero Originality

    A threads just like this got locked because it offended one of our Gamestop employed mods. I changed the title and removed the word "suck" which I guess is what offended him. I'm not trying to create a fuss here, but these videos have useful information that can help prevent people from...
  11. PoopsMagee

    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    me too shits weak
  12. PoopsMagee

    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    ^^ Thanks man, thought I was outta luck Either way that is very sick. I hate the though of cutting into the canvas, but it really does look better. sick idea
  13. PoopsMagee

    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    My local shop (Emage) is trying to charge $150 for these isn't denver awesome
  14. PoopsMagee


    traded the man some UNLV's for some DS Erie's, which were crispy as hell I've actually sold this homie Red hemps, shimizu's, and money cat hi's over this past year. legit, i'd say
  15. PoopsMagee

    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - Tie Dye/Blue

    they do look really blue. although the color description says obsidian. That's usually black or a dark dark gray.