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Recent content by robinho23

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    What One's Wearing - June

    nice drew and nice janos up there ironlung as for dereck??? what i miss?? lol
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    What One's Wearing - June

    NOOOO you cut the hair panic lol still letting mine grow but the heat is making it harder =/ nice stuff all around guys
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    ^^isnt it always.... lol i kid good thing i edit** lol cant belive they made fakes out of sharps customs smh
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    The Pursuit of Happiness Project

    wow this is really great nice to see good ppl still out there this hits right home cuz a close friend of mine just passed away from cancer.. i would help but at the time my friends family has the same financial problems
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    What One's Wearing - May

    congrats farenhight nice to se you wore ur varsitys haha nice true reds chillz hope i get my pair back from that stupid scammer
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    Los Angeles !

    LA!!!!!!!!!!!! LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What One's Wearing - May

    lmao yup happy birthday adr nice griptape lows
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    legit check cdp 3s

    any help is appreciated
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    What One's Wearing - May

    lmfao i thought the same^^ nice motorsports make me think that i should get a pair
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    legit check cdp 3s

    so i posted these a while back but noone saw it i guess so yeah i need to kno if these are legit cuz the jordan on the sole seems a bit off or maybe its the angle heres the link Jordan cdp 3 thanks
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    OFFICIAL May 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick Up Thread

    blue box heat out the wazoo!! nice pick up adr and drew plus those gritz are uber nice and those koston lows wow think i would cop if i wasnt saving up for the vi pack
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    What One's Wearing - May

    reppin the TEAM!!! to ball up at the park!! for some reason kept making all my shots lmao for shoes from 01 they hold up real well
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    Famous Sneakers

    murs always got his shoe game on point there has been countless piks and vids of him with his sneaks on
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    General Automotive Talk

    wow very nice mono
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    What One's Wearing - May

    those arent that bad well the piks makes em look alot better lol yeah funk wearing those socks about to change the sig team rock socks!!! i would post wat i wore but rainy days are wack=/