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    Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    those sample brazil though, ohhh weeee.
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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

    I hope they nail their concept
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    LC Janoskis please help

    You need to ask important questions to sellers and if possible request for dated/tagged pics. You do these for your own security. good luck.
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    Cigar City High Legit Check "with dated pics"

    these are fine. the material, colorways, and inner tag are on point. Next time properly tagged/date the pics.
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    Ltb Brian Anderson, unlucky,raging bull 3m

    I t DS unlucky with extra laces attached to the shoes. What's your offer?
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    Air Jordan 11 Bred Customs x Jake Danklefs

    these are nice
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    Legit check on skunks

    the inner tag is good but no date when the pic was taken
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    Legit check on skunks

    every single picture posted need to be tag and dated.
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    I got pair. [QUOTE=
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    Lc on stussys

    These are 100% authentic. The inner tag, back heel tab, tongue tab, and colour.
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    Ugliest 2012 Nike SB of the year? Including quickstrikes.

    I was disgusted too when I first saw it. I found out its a little kid that design it. I respect that concept and design more than the When the pigs Fly.
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    Ugliest 2012 Nike SB of the year? Including quickstrikes.

    The Concept x Nike SB "when pigs fly". Very poor concept, they put more though into the box and accessories than the shoes it self.
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    LC on jedis

    Sorry to hear that but its for your own good. Request for better inner tag pic cause it looks off.
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    LC on jedis

    If you need someone to help you, you need to follow the rules. Date and tagged these pic or no LC