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Recent content by shtasssht

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    Twitch - De La Soul Zoom Tre's

    so dope! the detail and painting is amazing.
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    B.D. Customs: "Black Mamba" Dunk Hi's

    the dunks are amazing! how much are you thinking of selling for? and what dunk did you use as the base
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    Lucky Bee set by Sharp020

    yellow with the greeen toebox are amazing. they look soooo buttery
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    Twitch - Space Hare Dunk Hi's

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    poop thread

    taking a shit is one of my favourite pass times, each time i have to drop one i think of it as a blessing.
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    Post Yourself

    this thread is actually hilarious. mad chirps hahahah
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    Nike Bruin SB - Yellow/Black

    first bruin i'm actually going to cop, love the iowa c/w
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    OFFICIAL February 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick-Up Thread

    man i always regret missing out on ds linos for 75 and those medi's are fire !!
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    Nike Dunk Hi SB - Urban Haze or Chrome Ball Incident - Out Now.

    pretty sweet concept i think, have to see in person though before i judge
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    the mesh covering the 3m kills it for me :(
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    Skate 3

    totallly agree, i played skate 2 at my friends house but didn't even bother buying it. but after seeing the extended trailers it seems to be very promising. not those shitty stiff falls, but actually actions that would happen if you were actually skating, so hats off to EA
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    West 49 getting SBz?!

    if west 49 started getting sb's i think i would drop out of the game, well maybe not totatlly, but i know for sure that i would never be copping any new releases and only old shit. i think this is a sham though because nike is very strict about who they give accounts to, and they're all...
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    Caliroots updates

    good shop
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    good shop
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    ACTIVE thread

    good shop