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    Richy7501 Custom: "N-SB.Org" Dunk Low SB

    Color way is on point, looks like they're coming along nicely
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    Materials look up to par and tag is on point. I'd say good to go
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    Nike SB x Jordan Concords

    Idk guys the more I look at these the more I don't like them. I just don't think that the materials look good on the dunk sillohuette you know. White Mesh and patent leather isn't a good look for them. Atleast the sb jams were all black so the materials kinda meshed together. *no pun intended*...
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    Nike SB x Jordan Concords

    If you wanna get technical they're actually called concords because the jumpman on the tongue is a purple concord color. Just sayin..
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    LTT Ds Camo Dunk Highs for DS Camo Janos 10.5

    What's up guys. Title says it all I'm looking to trade my deadstock camo dunks for a deadstock pair of the camo Janos. Only size 10.5 wanted must be ds og all. I don't have a problem shipping first as long as your feedback reflects you are trustworthy of me shipping first. The dunks I'm...
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    Nike SB x Jordan Concords

    So.... Should we just give up hope on those Sb x Jordan royal blue one collab? And I agree with Matt it's kinda of a real lazy move on sbs part to just do these little retros like this. The space Js were a cool idea but they were definitely feeding off the hype and now they're just gonna do...
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    Nike SB Dunk Low Blue Gum

    You guys should really take this to the gutter, im actually interested in this release and i wanna get info on it not read petty ass arguments.
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    The Official Nike SB Dunk Pickup Thread - August 2012

    [QUOTE=I found these tauntaun samples! =D jk doubt too many ppl know of these samples but got these quasimoto samples for an amazing price
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    How do older sbs fit?

    ^yeah in my experience all Nike Sb fit true to size up until some of the recent blue boxes and the new era of Sb. I think it's cause they use a little less material to cut costs so they're fitting a little tighter.
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    Levis x Nike SB Dunk Low Blue Denim

    Blues are super on point, Black ones look way too similar to larry Perkins.
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    About Nike Dunk Barf's

    Fat tongues have been way harder to find in my experience
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    Nike SB Dunk High Black Camouflage

    Just got my pair in today. Really dope but damn it's so upsetting to see the quality get this bad. The black suede is like sandpaper. Still a nice pair though
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    LTB recent Camo Dunk High release size 10.5

    Thanks bro, really appreciate it!
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    LTB recent Camo Dunk High release size 10.5

    If anyone is selling a pair of the recently released camo high top dunks I'm interested in buying a deadstock size 10.5. You can just post here or pm me and I'll get back to you thanks.