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    UK festivals

    Anyone off to reading?? Im getting there late tomorrow evening! NSB meet up???
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    MAn, over here in the UK, petrol (or gas asyou guys call it) is £1.20 a litre which works out at about £4.80 for a gallon. THAT IS $10 A GALLON! quit complaining! haha
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    UK festivals

    Yeh so i have a spare in hand ticket to reading ( I just got a free VIP one from my cousins girlfriend! ) Also, anyone going to bestival??? I just got tickets to that too! P.s Possible reading NSB meet up???
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    is this an SB?

    WHY??? They are some truly nice kicks! You shouldnt be driven just by SBs buy kicks that you like the look of! I mite go and bid on thee infact!
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    is this an SB?

    No there dunk low pros. I have this pair dfunnily enough! I play sport in them! The have a slightly fatter tongue than normal and the leather is amazing quality! BUT THEY ARENT SBs
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    legit check DE LA SOUL LOW

    Man those are legit. The air soles look good to me and the general shape of the shoe is looking good in the first picture. HOWEVER, post some better pics to be 100% sure
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    DS BISONS on eBay

    They have definitely been worn more than once! He lying about that for sure
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    dunks surpumes

    Im not gonna lie. The tongues on those look a bit funky. Other than that its hard to say. If you can give us a good picture of the inside tag then it will make it a lot easier for us!
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    Legit Check Denim Forbes

    ^^^ Man, dont even bother. They are fake. Aload of denim forbes fakes have been coming out that look quite good. The main way to tell is that fact that the tongue is too these ones. Also, the tag is off with font and the date isnt touching the barcode even tho the font used is...
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    UK festivals

    Im off to reading! Got myself 4 tickets in hand. Mite sell them soon if my mates dont frikin pay me back!
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    Official April "Dunk SB" Pick-up Thread***

    ahh mate, cant believe i let these go! Enjoy them man. I know i did! Someone has to stop this guy from taking peoples babies from them!! sebb
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    Legit check - slam citys

    Those are defo fakes. The color is way off and the genereal shape of the shoe is all wrong
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    Legit Check MEDICOMS

    The shoes are legit. However, if you got the pictures from thsi auction EBAY AUCTION Then dont bid as the pictures are stolen from a seller in canada
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    Legit Check Nike Dunk SB Tiffanys

    Theyre fake man! Tongue and crok skin is off. Dnt worry udidnt miss anything!
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    Shoes going over 20grand.

    I heard that the Xs the went for over $20K were actually LEGIT. HOwever, they were using them to attract attention to future auction for tampered shoes!