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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

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    Air Jordan to have its own SB line of shoes...

    White = Carolina blues n ajkos Black = royals and Breds One will be qs one wont
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    Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

    dame these were all great
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    HB comics

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    LTB SB Size 10

    i got size 10.5 nike sb concords for 130 lmk
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    LTB 10/10.5

    FMSB writes: not on your list but got ds concords in 10.5, n ds jordan grape 5s lmk
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    SB's size 10-11 shoes

    Sellinger18 writes: got ds 10.5 concord sbs, size 11 worn 1X concord sbs, size 10.5 ds grape 5s, 10.5 ds kobe X kostons lmk
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    The Longest Thread

    got asked to do a show with statik selektah and i cant that day :'(
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    Nike SB Dunk Low Palm Tree Sample

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    for sale size 11 DS concords 218 gifted, 230 shipped
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    FOR SALE: SIZE 10.5

    selling ds concord sbs in a size 10.5 (230 shipped, 218 gifted), also ds kobe kostons in a 10.5 (160 gifted, 175 shipped)
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    Nike SB Stefan Janoski Digital Floral Camo

    has anybody else had shops saying they sold out, or were most suppose to release on saturday?