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Recent content by unknown_legend

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    New Nike Sb Mid - triumvir colab.

    damn these are nice. Hopefully they will release. These would be my first mids, if they come out.
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    Nike SB Brasil Custom Series 3

    those christiano's are the best of the pack.imo Need to get a pair of those.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Melbourne 'Gold Rail' Dunk

    I pre ordered my pair, so cant wait till its shipped.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    cant wait to see how it turns out. sounds like a really good custom.
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    Nike SB Dunk High- Black/White

    nice and clean, black and white always go together. Nice and simple dunk sb.
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    Famous Sneakers

    damn that pic of rihanna a couple of pages back is dope. Nice trickstar blazers, bape backpack, and bape beanie. And the radio plays garbage now. I stopped listening to it a long time ago. All i do is listen to cd's and the old stuff. Im also hooked on DJ Mitsu, look his songs up...
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    Nike SB Summer 09 Dunks

    the purple highs are really dope.
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Melbourne 'Gold Rail' Dunk

    The shop I go to confirmed these, so cant wait to get it.
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    haha Yeah friends should not let friends buy fake shoes. I saw a lot of douches at city walk and universal studios wearing thos fakes. Also, lots of fake jordans, af1's. I was like damn, soo many
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    wow those two mids are Theyre
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Metallic Silver/Black

    Man im loving these. Hopefully they will release. and yea too much hype will happen.
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    If you are ever in japan

    ^^^ Yo im not there anymore, but yea those fake ass africans own like 3 stores around harajuku, and shibuya. They have people outside recruiting you and stuff.If i remember right, you'll run into a few sb stores on your walk to shibuya from harajuku. Like this one shop that had wrestling...
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    Interview the Person Below You

    Obama Whats your favorite type of food?
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    New Nike SB Dunk High - Red/Green Here are the samples. i dont like them, not too creative. The guy is selling the samples for 1 grand. lol
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    New Nike SB Dunk Low - Melbourne 'Gold Rail' Dunk

    Damn these shoes are really clean. I would get the Samples if I had the money. But I ll wait for the release.