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Recent content by usher23

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    nike factory outlet swindon

    Hey guys Old Spices and Golfs are down to £20 now, i also picked up 2 pairs of samples which was nice, sample gibson's and lobsters £25 each bargain, they also had non sb Air max currents infa type colour.
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    The eBay thread

    Missed these well didnt feel like it, shoe is ugly!
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    Euro Heads Up thread Gibson's and Newcastles on sale £46
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    nike factory outlet swindon

    Guys heads up Swindon store has: Boarder Blues £35 full size run Golfs (i think there called that) £35 tons of em Old Spice £20 4.5uk, 10uk, 11 uk Milli (red,black) £35 9uk upwards PM if you need updates as im over there most days
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    "Skate or Die" Lows

    UK Heads- 50/50 has them online as well now £69.99, but only few sizes left
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    vintage Gibson guitar sb dunk

    guys when are they dropping in europe, waiting to order now for like 2 weeks
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    nike factory outlet swindon

    UPDATE: get to swindon now!!! Nike SB £30, Bics, blue/red, Black/Black (gum sole) loads of prem AF1's loads of wicked colours £35 nike dunk hi's/lows jordan pack etc £30 Jordan 1's, 3's £35 hard to say all what they had, but take alot of cash guys trust me
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    vintage Gibson guitar sb dunk

    UK release any one no, as don't wanna be stung by expensive shipping via kix-files
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    Nike SB Dunk Low - 720

    i may cop these, there growing on me
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    nike factory outlet swindon

    sandlewood's full size run in stock at swindon, they also has a few of that beast safari dunk
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    nike factory outlet swindon

    strolled over to my outlet today to see if anything new was there and saw a large quantity of sb boxes so went and had a look and boom nike sb dunk low "boca's" for £40 not bad i think bought 2 pairs peace out