Nike Air Foamposite Pro Galaxy 2013

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<p>Just when we thought Nike couldn&#39;t possibly do anything else with the galaxy theme, they surprise us yet again with another galaxy esque foamposite .</p>

<p>This rendition is certainly more lively than all of the previous galaxy counterparts as they incorporate a number of colors never before seen on a galaxy/all star release. These are part of the graphic foamposite pack along with the weatherman ones set to drop late 2013 early 2014.</p>

<p>Asteroids are splashed across the upper with galaxy print in the background alternating from deep purple to red then to yellow. This alternation is carried over to the multi colored outsole starting again with purple and ending again with yellow (the first tri-colored foamposite sole to date).</p>

<p>No additional shots or info exist at this juncture but stay posted with us at as more info rolls in.</p>

<p>Pics via <a href="">Long-7</a>.</p>