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Shoehorned In: Your shoes and what they say about your playing style

<h1>How your shoes reveal your personality at the felt tables</h1>
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<p>There&#39;s more to a pair of shoes than just comfortable footwear and sturdy protection. While a shoe&#39;s sole purpose is to protect the feet from external elements, they have evolved from pieces of synthetic integument to fashion styles. However, shoes tell bigger stories about us than our other fashion statements; most of the time, they serve as the footprints leading to our psyche and personality. Like the famous shoe lover, and card shark <a href="">Beth Shak</a>, a poker player&#39;s footwear gives off hints and styles at the tables. In case you want to know what your shoes say about you, here are some of the types of information that can be revealed by simply looking at someone&#39;s feet.</p>

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Sneakers: edgy and dangerous</p>

<p>If a poker player walks to the table wearing a pair of <a href="">Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski &#39;Digital Floral Camo</a>&#39;&nbsp;or Vans LXVI Graph Mint Green, then you might want to steer clear of playing against him. Sneakers worn during important events (like Joe Serock reportedly wearing black sneakers during the <a href="">partypoker</a>-sponsored World Poker Tour in 2012) give off an aura of aggressiveness. Once they find even the smallest opening to go all-in, no matter how small the chance is, they will play it off right to the very end, even if it potentially spells doom for them. Sneakers are reflections of the youth&#39;s spirit of invincibility, which takes them to utter defeat at times. In case you&#39;re planning to wear kicks to a card game, make sure you sport the rare ones like the highly-coveted Nike SB Stefan Janoski Vino and wear them with pride as you play at the tables.<br />
Boat shoes: loose and laid-back</p>

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Whether a poker player prefers a pair of Saint Laurent&#39;s black suede boat shoes or the classic Sperry Top-siders, sporting a pair of deck shoes is one way to tell that he&#39;s a relaxed person in general, and maybe one of the most agreeable among the players. If he tops this off with a collar shirt and khaki pant, he&#39;s automatically the coolest guy on the table. But don&#39;t let it deceive you; he may be relaxed at the tables but it does not equate to going soft on other players. If you want to shake him up a little bit to lose his demeanor, put him in a tight spot like forcing him to go all-in or going for a bold bluff. Once he&#39;s starting to lose his cool, that&#39;s the time to take him out of the game.</p>

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Dress shoes: calm and rational</p>

<p>If a person is dressed to the nines and caps it off with a shiny pair of dress shoes, expect him to come off as the silent player with poker-faced character. Like a typical white-collar worker, a player wearing oxfords or cap toes is focused on the task at hand, assessing things calmly and calculating the probabilities with a straight face. Aside from analyzing every variable in the game, he also likes to feel in control of the situation&#39;s&nbsp;whether he wins or lose. The key to defeating Mr. Goody Two-Shoes is by becoming aggressive and wild with your plays.</p>