85ive2 Boards: "Lung Fu Pao" collection


8five2 skate shop has recently released a skateboard brand called “85ive2 Skateboards”, with a short commercial filmed by Dani Bautista (@dcatbautista) for the new line of boards.

85IVE2 is is a full-fledged team with 3 pros; @chunchai (Chun Chai) from Hong Kong, @puff_tuff (Dan Leung) also from Hong Kong but based in Shanghai & @jeffgoonzales (Jeff Gonzales) from the Philipppines.

Their initial debut boards were official Transformer, they were even Hasbro licenced.

This second series is called “Lung Fu Pao”, representing the 3 chinese characters for Dragon, Tiger & Panther. “Lung Fu Pao” is a famous HK porn mag, kind of like Chinese Hustlerghetto.

Each of the decks feature the Chinese character for Dragon, Tiger or Panther in the same font/calligraphy as the infamous magazine. The yellow background is the same yellow used by the mag.

The pro names & branding are printed in yellow on yellow, giving the graphics subtle yet intricate detailing.

Be sure to check out the video (full length for Jeff Gonzales ), filmed Dani Bautista (@dcatbautista).

Anthony Claravall @antclaravall filmed the short IG clip, which can be seen here.

Jeff Gonzales 8FIVE2 LPF series skateboard commercial from Dani Bautista on Vimeo.