Active and Vans support Bakersfield schools art programs

The Bakersfield community, professional skateboarders, Active Ride Shop and Vans executives will rally this Saturday around the Collective Vision Contest and the Active Ride Shop Bakersfield Grand Opening Event! The Vans Pro Skateboard Team will be signing autographs and holding a meet and greet for fans. Confirmed Skaters in attendance include Chima Ferguson, Dustin Dollin, Elijah Berle and Christian Hosoi.  Everyone is welcome to attend and the first 300 people in line will receive mystery gift cards worth $10-$100.
Active Ride Shop and Vans strongly believe in giving back to the local community. Seven schools from the Bakersfield area have been invited to participate in an art contest to win up to $10,000 for the school’s art department. Students, faculty and the community are able to choose the winning artwork through the open ballot voting system, inside the brand new Active x Vans Bakersfield Store. Voting begins at the Active Ride Shop and Vans Bakersfield Store Grand Opening event, taking place on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Local schools participating in this contest include: Centennial High School, Independence High School, North High School, Foothill High School, Freedom Middle School, Highland High School and Bakersfield High School.