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  1. Green Glow -
  2. got like 15 duckets this year from walmart savings catcher
  3. images aren't showing yo
  4. not too familiar with these but tag looks legit. everything else lines up also
  5. welcome to the boards! brasil dunks always look a bit different than ones made in china or wherever else.. as far as I can tell these look legit
  6. lol.. prob def better curtains behind scheme story
  7. - learn also the difference between call options + put options YO!!! hah sorry for late reply- yeah definitely dunks for life. 10-10.5
  8. Lunarlon ftw
  9. @jls5en
  10. updated mobile app plugin, changelog said they fixed the issue.. YMMV
  11. been wanting to do this up.. just not enough time a day right now to tackle. have the domain and everything to do it right this time but just mixture of what tech to build it with and the time to make a viable product
  12. main thing would be probably just posting in the classified tab above then posting on FB groups? plus would be good feedback on how you like them working