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  1. Clothing and Accessories pick-ups 2011

    BOOM. _MG_2901 by mavid21, on Flickr This sucker is big, _MG_2902 by mavid21, on Flickr Left my camera on technicolor and was too lazy to color correct it, sorry for the pale photos.
  2. Clothing and Accessories pick-ups 2011

    Stuff for my 5D and business cards and stickers for my new production company! _MG_2774 by mavid21, on Flickr
  3. What One\'s Wearing June 2011

    Thanks jamie, unfortuneately that picture isnt in SF. I'm on vacation in the philippines right now and thats at a place called the top in Cebu.
  4. What One\'s Wearing June 2011

    Hope everyone is having a good summer.
  5. What One\'s Wearing May 2011

    hi, i miss you all.
  6. What One\'s Wearing March 2011

    been a loooooong time. newest pick up. malted vanilla, peanut brittle with milk chocolate on top. Snikerdoodle with cinnamon on the bottom.
  7. Official NHL Thread

    sharks sabers starting right now. in other news, jamie lagenbrunner from NJ was a healthy scratch and has waived his NTC. Should be traded as early as tonight, and the top 3 teams suspected were the Sharks, Stars and Blues. i think he would be a great 3rd line addition and add some gritty depth with his two way play and a veteran presence.
  8. Official NHL Thread

    Don't talk to me about the canucks. I was at the Sj game on monday against them. =[
  9. Official NHL Thread

    hello. looks like i have a new favorite thread.
  10. What One\'s wearing January 2011

    OmooradO x40, x60s are steep and im not good enough to play with one yet. lol i play in a beginners league in redwood city.
  11. What One\'s wearing January 2011

    Happy new years nsb fam. Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. Sharks|SUP|Vans|WM|Levis|SUP bonus, picked this up for myself today as a late christmas present, cant wait to use it.
  12. Obama Photo Tee

    yo zach, if you can somehow pull a medium out of your ass i'll pay for the tee + printing and hassle and shit. lemme know.
  13. V.I.P. NSB Chat Group

    justin, sent my request. Mark David.
  14. What's One Wearing -- October 2010

    mono, yessssssss on the andrew wk tee.
  15. What's One Wearing -- October 2010

    hot day today. AN|HUF|GAP|SUP couple things. 1. buy my shoes 2. if you guys have some free time please check out this video my friends and I made for campus movie fest. Its shitty, but it was shot and edited in 1 day so i think we did great for the constraints we had. Your views help us get farther in the contest. thanks nsb fam. http://campusmoviefest.com/movies/6600-ellis