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  1. Famous Sneakers

    random spottings: in the movie KIDS, the guy next to HAROLD HUNTER is wearing a highlight orange supreme box logo grey tee in the movie FRIDAY, there are a pair of NIKE AIR BLACK 5's hanging from a wire
  2. Mary Jane thread

    ^^ yes sir for free, i believe i got 6 or 7.5 grams in total, kept 5 for myself split 2.5 with the homie. that container was filled all the way at the top, i couldnt fit anymore so i had 2.5 fat ass grams in my pocket so everything worked out beautifully you know how i does
  3. Wutangclanyo's Weekly Hip Hop Album

    capital tax fat jon nujabes keith murray kan kick j dilla miilkbone pete rock dj premier
  4. Wutangclanyo's Weekly Hip Hop Album

    gza pro tools, im in love once again
  5. Mary Jane thread

    damn this thread is dead, im gonna revive it like hip hop all that and 2.5 more grams in my pocket........ ALL FOR FREE P.S. - GO BUY GZA - PRO TOOLS
  6. Famous Sneakers

    random spottings: super sweet 16: asian cat at the register rocking a supreme fitted mobb deep - shook ones video: at the intro of the track, dood is rocking black cement 3's
  7. Mary Jane thread

    hahaha batman for life. gonna buy some sess tommorow to watch pineapple express, that shall be an interesting day
  8. Mary Jane thread

    i was looking through this thread and it made me go light one up so thank you NSB. i wish i could have shown you guys the herb from last week, it was so sticky it felt like i had maple syrup on my hands from eating waffles. heres my contributuion; free herbals make my day GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!!
  9. 'Sea Crystal' Blazer

    these are very beautiful, nike should have had the alt color of the laces as black and not azure. other than that these shoes are preety buttery
  10. Prod 2 white/ cement Highs

    ^^ yeh theyre like a bulky high DUNK and they do have tht stuffy lining ( pushead, hunter, prod lining) so yeh it does look like a boot

    to me these shoes look like theyre legit but i just need second opinions to feel more comfortable, THANKS
  12. san fernando valley anyone??

    WINNETKA PIERCE COLLEGE CSUN buy my shit, word to big bird
  13. Persian BWs January 1st 2009

    so excited for thpersians AND these: BOOM! looks like nike is reviving the BW concept once again, i have already seen 3 colors in total; purple, red and pink
  14. Your day in photo's

    wow this is some interesting stuff, i will be doing this sooner or later but please excuse all the illegal parts of my photographic day biography
  15. Wutangclanyo's Weekly Hip Hop Album

    damn, dust this thread off.. been peeping ALOT OF shit from circa 93 - 98 and im FUCKING SATISFIED s.f.c. - illumination (del the funky in 93) the almighty RSO - DOOMSDAY children of the corn - children of the corn (definitely a fucking classic) gravediggaz - 6 feet deep miilkbone - da miilkcrate THE UMC'S - unleashed yall so stupid - vans full of pakistans capital tax - the swoll package that is all for now