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  1. The Longest Thread

    Feliz Navidad amigos.Â
  2. The Longest Thread

    just got a vaporizer.....never going back!Â
  3. Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

    funny his bitch has more style. why does everyone look like this...am i missing something!?
  4. 2015 Non-Dunk Pickup Thread

    small ass box too
  5. The Longest Thread

    just bought some SB's, got me feeling all nostalgic.Â
  6. The Longest Thread

    this is nice.Â
  7. The Longest Thread

    so fucking ready for this here football to start.
  8. Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

  9. The Longest Thread

    shit dudes, Not only can I flex around in my financed car that is sitting on my financed rims, which of course I can't afford. I can FINALLY walk around.....(fuck walking).....ride around my Segway hover board thing w/some financed Mags or maybe some freddy's...Thank you Yeezus!!
  10. The Longest Thread

    sidious writes: ^ muchas! The fuck is up w/those paper bag highs?
  11. The Longest Thread

    crowbar and ET tee are nice, id like some trucks.
  12. The Longest Thread

    cheatingk9610 writes: at a mad discount!!!! but yeah fuck him, that Madison dump is ruining lives as I type...hilarious. Anyone endure that box logo madness today?
  13. The Longest Thread

    just bought this Jesus Piece Pen on the low, shit has me melted....
  14. Tool / Herb / Dickhead Thread

    cheatingk9610 writes: some OG box logo fiend from 94 who was a stunt double in Kids