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  1. Haha. Nah, not black. This weekend I'm sitting in the Hawks Nest, Sec 149, Row LL. Send me a PM and I'll give you my cell if you wanna hook up.
  2. This last Sunday with my lady:
  3. Nike SB Summer 09 Dunks

    *sigh... Another few pages of (what I think) are failures, with the lone exception being the P Rod Supremes. C'mon Nike. Not that all these shoes are ugly, they're just SO uninspired. 'Sea Crystal Mids'? Ugh... Let's stop reaching back to go forward and put forth some new designs. The Gold Box Era, with things like Castles, Piets, SoD's and a few others really had some shoes that set itself apart. Summer 09, to me, looks like a bunch of re-hashes and uninspired products.
  4. Summer 09 SB Line

    When we have pics we'll re open this. Until then, thanks.
  5. New Nike SB Dunk Hi - 'Shoe Goo'

    Saw these in person today... they were better than I expected. Regardless, just not my bag. Not a fan of highs and the colorway seemed... odd.
  6. New Nike SB Dunk Low - Green/Pink/Black

    No, no no... WE are glad YOU like them, at least Nike's sold TWO pairs.
  7. Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    Kids are too busy buying Tokyo Mids to appreciate the classics. The two year hunt is over. Size 12, DS and gorgeous (just a few quick shots): More coming later.

    Running. If you can run a mile in 4:55:08 let me know. I'll race you.
  9. Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    Told you guys I'd have a surprise for you. Click me. GO!
  10. New Nike SB Dunk Low - Metallic Silver/Black

    Can't wait to have people call these Dino Jr. Jr's. Pass for sure. Some people who LOVED the Dino Jr.'s will LOOOOOOOOVE these, and I'm not one of them.
  11. Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    Nice pic Adequate, always awesome to see some beat SB's (not that I skate). Be on the look out soon guys. Surprise time.
  12. Helpful Tips.

    The first girl you fall in love with you won't marry, so don't be heartbroken when you two break up. It's life, and there are LITERALLY billions of girls in the world. You'll find another. Keep ya' head up.
  13. packs

  14. Nike SB Dunk Jedi Legit Check

    Oh, and fake as f-
  15. New Nike SB Dunk Mid - White Canvas (Tokyo)

    I'll be the first to admit that when these were initially shown they looked great. The more and more I look at them the more I want to go buy some K Swisses instead. May as well. Denim stains, dirt and mud; oh my! Pass for absolute certainty.