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  1. Custom box sticker labels HOW TO

    This is a great. Had to move recently and limited space forced me to put half my collection into storage. Just ordered some shipping labels and now I'll be able to just stack all the boxes. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Chris. writes: Damn you had luck on Nike? I tried there at like 8:05 after I struck out on CCS and SPoT and it said they were all out. Guess they restocked or somethin. Congrats
  3. LC on Huf Dunk SB High

    Just got these in the mail today. They look pretty good to me but being a big purchase I figured I'd get the seal of approval from those more knowledgeable. The only thing that seemed a little off to me was that the (R) on the bottom sole of the shoe wasn't as raised as I usually see. I don't know if that's a sure sign that they're fake, but most of my other dunks, even pink boxes have a slightly higher R than that. Although I remember getting a pair of Khaki hi's that I know were legit and they had the same thing. Lemme know what you guys think thanks for the insight
  4. Nike SB Dunk High Beer Bottle Pack More Images

    He's right, box price is $95, and one of my locals is asking $130...
  5. New Sb Dunk Spring 13

    ya those have too much goin on. Just seems random too I'm interested if there's a theme involved or anything to give that mess some meaning
  6. Nike SB Dunk High Beer Bottle Pack More Images

    Cool thanks guys
  7. Nike SB Dunk High Beer Bottle Pack More Images

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned but does anyone know what box price is on the Budweisers?
  8. Tauntaun Dunk High

    damn, really wanted to snag these but both shops in my state are asking $150 and $159... Can't abide that. Anyone know of anywhere that would still do a phone order for a sz 11 or 11.5?
  9. Shopping Guide- Denver CO

    I know man it's been a minute. I was schoolin up in Durango the past few semesters so that was keepin me busy, but glad to say I'm back in Denver now! Much nicer being able to go into a local shop instead of scouring the internet. You still book learnin at Auraria?
  10. Shopping Guide- Denver CO

    Great list! Unfortunately the400's out of business now, and I don't think the Denver Shop has an SB account anymore, but everything on this list is definitely worth checkin out. Same with installation if you're in the Boulder area. Their new layout is pretty cool I'll try and get some pics next time I'm over there.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Shame too cause the colorway's not bad
  12. New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    Yo thanks for all the help guys. Got it straightened out through ebay. Shoulda waited for ourownnations tip tho, coulda saved some money through tactics. $120 shipped?? that's even better than in-store. Ya man I can't catch a break. Hah those skate mentals still haunt me haha. Ya man im down there Tu & Thur all day but im always in class. fuck my life Ya that was one of my 3 checks. I check D-shop first, then emage, then Installation. I used to have thrifty stick on that list but they dont get shit anymore. btw, those hufs in your avatar are fuckin gorgeous. Thanks again for that tip bro. NSB fam is always lookin out. Wish I woulda waited and I coulda been $15 richer
  13. New Nike SB Mid Premium - Goldfish - Digital Camouflage

    So I hit up all 3 of my shops today and none of them had a size 12... they got up to 11.5, and 13... but NONE of them got a 12, whatsup with that? Anyone even seen any size 12's of these out in the wild? cause if they don't exist I might have to squeeze into an 11.5
  14. Kaws&Effect

    This guy is legit as they come. Sold him some Medicom IV's and I know they got a good home. Don't hesitate to do business with this man. He's a scholar and a gentleman. Thanks again bro, enjoy dem kicks.
  15. New Beijing~Nike SB Dunk Low Beijing China

    couldn't have said it better