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  1. LC Check on Tiffany/Diamond Dunks

    What's up fellow sneakfreaks, first post here, so hey I'm Schipwreck. I found a pair of Dunk SB's at my local goodwill. Now at the store, I was eyeing them over thinking "There's no way in Hell these are real", but low and behold, before my eyes sat a pair of seemingly fake Tiffany Dunks at the low low price of $7 dollars. They weren't beat up too bad and they were good looking and in a decent size.. I took'em home. Now, after checking them over myself.. I'm nervous to say that these SEEM Legit. At least one of them. Now that's crazy to say, but this is where I need the sneakerhead community. There's so many pages of "FAKE" Tiffany's and information to check, and them coming from goodwill meant no OG Pink box, so I was left with just the information I could gather from the shoes. I'll post them up BUT NOTICE, the Manufacturers Date on one says the beautiful 05 16 05, and on the other it reads the mysterious 05 14 05...???!? Just, I'll let you guys decide. Thanks for looking. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/legitchecktiffs