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  1. 304292-004

    Just took these pictures. I didn't put much time in restoring the midsoles but they look much better now.Â
  2. 304292-004

    Have some pics here. I was able to restore the midsole with a SneakerER midsole marker. Worn them a few days ago still holding up. Â
  3. Good evening! I Have a pair of Carhartt Dunk Low's 004 color code. Need tips on keeping the Midsole's from discoloring? I like to keep them in the box but the box is not that wide to begin with maybe thats what causing the discoloration?? Â Any help would be much appreciated! Â
  4. Good evening! Wanted to get help with a legit check on this pair i found at my local thrift store . No box or extra laces unfortunatly but oh well. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Okai! Will do thank you! Disreguard the post!
  6.  NIB! 443095-003 Blue Box Extra laces in box, Receipt available from sale. Box/shoes kept in a cool environment away from dust. Shoes are DS Never tried on Factory laced *Shipping through USPS priority mail 2 day select* Item will be shipped double boxed *Additional photos upon request* $140Â
  7. Forsure. Thats from a ebay seller. He had sent me those plus a few more. Just wanted to get some opinions my fault though should have been more clear thoughÂ
  8. Thank you for your all of your help! Really do appreciate the support! Â Yea forsure dont ever see these change hands to often. This would be my second pair of these. So far just one black box.Â
  9. Wanted to get your take on this pair please! Thinking about doing a deal thank you for your help in advance.
  10. Ok cool thank you. Really appreciate all your help forsure!
  11. Riteon thank you for your help! Would you happen to know why they abbreviated Nike Zoom to Nk Zm? Haven't seen any other examples of this particular color code like the box with the same label
  12. Good evening can i please get help to Legit Check these! I thank you for all your help in advance!Â
  13. legit check

    Ok thank you for your help! I will start doing that thank you!
  14. legit check

    Forsure! One of my favorite SB dunk lows! I'm letting this pair go have a 9.5 pair im keeping
  15. legit check

    Forsure! One of my favorite SB dunk lows! I'm letting this pair go have a 9.5 pair im keeping