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  1. I don't think a lot of people realize they are being facetious. It's cool seeing a bunch of goofball skate kids starting to blow up.
  2. ^Pussy
  3. Dude got fucked up
  4. Tyler's got shit going. Better than a lot of what has been coming out the past couple years. Personally I'm tired of listening to motherfuckers rapping about tattoo's, lean, clubs and how great they are.
  5. Just bought a new Brooks honey B17 saddle, and started breaking it in. Hyped!
  6. big ones, small one fake ones real ones.I love all all 'ems
  7. ^sounds like suicide is a good option
  8. Hopefully they don't change anything from the original samples
  9. stealing this
  10. Hitchcock tattoo
  11. Yeah that show is just pure great. Been a fan since season 1, charlie is probably the best character. One of my favorite episodes is where they tailgate the Philadelphia Eagles tryouts and Frank and Charlie trip acid. "Well I'm gonna trip balls!"