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  1. Sorry to late. I'm already accepted in Business program at University of Washington.
  2. Right now I'm taking accounting and we talk about this quite often. Its due to many reasons, people cheating the system to get free education, companies messing up, and even the whole war. But dont forget once the war is over Iraq has to pay for our services, that is the messed up part but oh well as long as we get money back into the states. So I just cant wait till its over. I just hope that we dont start supporting Israel now because a lot of Obama's supporters or money donors were Jewish and may feel like he has to help them.
  3. never worn flip flops. I hate those things. I dont understand people that even wear them during the winter.
  4. My mugen parts are coming in the mail today. Cant wait to install it on my Integra Type-R.
  5. So during new years eve one of my buddies is racist as hell but he tries to keep it down when other people of color are around. So we are at his brothers house on new years eve. One of his brothers buddies is black and he invited him over. So my buddie said something that makes the black dude mad and he tells my buddy "Why do you hate me" Then my buddie was like "I'm not racist, I hate everybody equally" Everybody just stoped doing what they were doing and were just blown away. Of course the black dude then started talking shit like a minute later. Shit was just awkward because then he tried to call me and my other two buddies racist because he is our friend and that means that we are too. Now that was even more awkward.
  6. Cool guy to deal with. Had money ready on the spot. Good buyer.
  7. Last movie I watched in theaters was "the Bank Job" very funny. The last movie I watched on DVD was "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells" funny as hell as well. The last movie I watched on Blue-Ray was "I Am Legend" its alright, the ending was a dissapointing though.
  8. Canon Rebel XTi. Its pretty good but I dont like the lense so I might get a new lense soon.
  9. I cant believe that these are going for that much. Honestly I think that they look pretty horrible. Then again I like the more simple color ways. That yellow and orange just seem to bright for me.
  10. Most of the time I dont care. Try going to a class in a auditorium with 400 other people. At least one person steps on my shoes during that class.
  11. Those looke pretty nice defiantly something that I will get. I usually dont like how mids look from the back but with the right jeans when the strap is just pooping out mids looks pretty nice.
  12. I have only rocked like half the shoes I have. For some reason it just hurts my heart to ruin them but at the same time I feel akward since they have never touched pavement and they are made for the world to see.
  13. I just finished my summer quarter two weeks ago. This time I made it to the big dogs. The huskies that is. I'm going to the UW(University of Washington) at the end of Semptember, havent checked out when they start yet.
  14. Defiantly will need to check out those stores since I could use some new clothes. I'm going to vegas next week for the first time.
  15. I heard that there are tom clancy books. Has anybody actually read those?