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    whatchu got in your collection?

    in 8th grade i quit. and now im gettin back into it. DONT HATE! i know im not alone...
  3. Juice

    smooth and easy. payed fast and very understanding of delayed shipment. easy to talk to. overall great transaction
  4. d2dhtbbtbf

    LEGIT!! did a same day trade. shoes came in next day. very pleased with the deal. easy to talk to and very trustworthy. lookin to doin business again.
  5. Brandonn

    Dude is legit. traded marshalls for his burgundy 5s. do business with this guy. A++
  6. do you skate tight pants or loose pants?

    when i first started i skated tight girl pants cause i liked how they stretched. but then i had a bad experience and now i go loose. aha. lets just say...the pants had limits to how much they could stretch.
  7. INC

    when was this? aha. ive been there since i was 3
  8. INC

    my name is eejay. im guess yours is don?
  9. sneakers head

    legit! sent payment fast. very understanding when i took awhile to ship out. do your business with this guy. A+++
  10. INC

    worthless? oops. sorry. my bad. its cause i was reading in the gen discussion board before i posted this. nice... you playin the the district bball tournament?
  11. INC

    all the INC ppl connect here. rep your locale and group. im a binhi from the locale of national city. SOCAL!
  12. Best Cologne

    i use coolwater, conqueror from bench, jake from hollister, and chrome azzaro. which one i wear depends one who im gonna be around and the occasion.
  13. General Automotive Talk

    i drive a 07 mazda6.
  14. pandabear619

    LEGIT!!!! deal went smooth. even gave me 5 bucks for gas to meet up closer to him. do business with him. A+++