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  1. Mary Jane thread

    Woke up this morning like Dza! Wheres the weed.This is fresh from the Netherlands!!!
  2. Space Jam Dunks

    wow, i am really surprised the hype is soooo real, i just called my shop where i copped he said there was a 20+ line that started at midnight. he said they usually only get like 5 pairs of QS but they got 16 pairs of these so i feel extremely lucky knowing mine are in the mail sorry for all the people that are going to take a long stroke buying these!
  3. Space Jam Dunks

    i call bullshit!!!
  4. Space Jam Dunks

    thanks to my local shop for hooking me up, for 112$ and a 15 percent discount for being in the military i will be one of the few in germany rocking these, so if your shop sells them for more than that then they suck!!! what is the box price actually? cause 112$ doesnt seem like much of a mark up. happy hunting guys!!!
  5. Space Jam Dunks

    Anyone want to help a a fellow member get a pair since they are a us release only I would really appreciate it.
  6. Elzhi \'Elmatic\'

    @gabe one of the nicest right now is an understatement, dude has been nice since slum vill! But still good looks on showing good taste in music
  7. Nike Dunk Low SB Premium-"yellow curb"

    anyone got any info on where to cop these? im currently in germany and have no clue of where to get these in the states ! if anyone can help i would really apprecaite it!!!
  8. Nike Dunk Low SB Premium-"yellow curb"

    i havent been this excited since the gore tex release, i cant wait to have these boys!
  9. NIKE DUNK MID SB-black/white/gum sole

    I had to cop these, it was almost like love at first sight.
  10. Nike Dunk Hi SB - Gucci / RESN ****

    Secured my pairs today but sucked cause exchange rate fucking blows. So I ended up shelling out about 145 per pair.
  11. Nike Dunk Hi SB - Gucci / RESN ****

    Since when did wearing matching shit make you a d-bag...smh
  12. Nike sb varsity jackets

    how are the sizes for these jackets do they run small and tight or are they big and loose? all answers appreciated
  13. Concepts x Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk Preview

    Frenchy's & Heinz I really am trying to get down with these.
  14. Making X"s

    Ok, before i get jumped on for this question here, i did use a search for this topic but i was only given a link on hightops. and for me i cant see the pictures at work so i am asking here now. i am trying to do the x with the top for laces holes in my lows and i am running into a problem! could someone give me some brief instructions on how it is done!!! thanks a bunch
  15. Nike Dunk SB Spring 2010 dunks!

    ill fuck with the black mids for sure