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  1. Paypal problems in markeplace

     I am experiencing problems selling through the marketplace. I have a buyer ready to go on my Hufs but when clicking buy it now he received the following: Payment Error The receiver does not accept payments in this Currency Guidelines to buy or sell on N-SB: • Your email address (buyer e-mail address) must be linked to your PayPal account. • The seller must be PayPal Business Verified. • If all else fails, contact us at info@n-sb.org I called Paypal in the UK and they told me that there should be no problem whatsoever in my receiving payments from the US in USD currency and that the "premier" account I have should be more than enough for this scale of selling (fully confirmed bank account, address, e-mail address and debit card). Obviously I can't register myself as a business. I explained that NSB.org are a registered paypal verified business and the advisor I spoke with thought the problem must be occurring during the buy it now process. I e-mailed N-SB.org with this on Monday but haven't had a response as of yet. The buyer and I would both like this to go through the marketplace for feedback and security but we have agreed to terms of sale externally through paypal if this can't be resolved. I'd really appreciate some help with this as I intend to sell quite a big portion of my mediocre collection through NS-B.org in support of the site. In the words of Tesco-pure evil-UK: every little helps.
  2. What One\'s Wearing May 2011

    Beat ^ Peacock samples = winning.
  3. What One\'s Wearing May 2011

    Excuse the **** pic...
  4. What One\'s Wearing May 2011

    Clean carhartts
  5. What SB Dunk Looks The Worst?

  6. Missing N-SB Feedback

    I'd like my paltry feedback synched too if possible. Thought there was more but regardless: http://n-sb.org/50684/ididitlikethat/topic/ Thanks.
  7. Official Price Check Thread

    Sorry - please excuse double post.
  8. Official Price Check Thread

    I'm putting a deposit on a flat soon and will be parting ways with much of my collection as a result. Haven't been around for some time though and would really appreciate some advice on pricing. UK head so signed for shipping will be around the $30 mark - if any fellow brits have advice on that too, please let me know. VNDS Crystals, worn once (literally), OG everything: [attachment=22800:IMG_0758.jpg] [attachment=22801:IMG_0760.jpg] [attachment=22801:IMG_0760.jpg] Cheers
  9. UK Big Feet (US13)

    C'mon feet. Some choice cuts
  10. I feel your pain man. In the UK its nigh on impossible to find 13s, whatever stock there is usually stays in the US. F*** I wish i was a 10. Before I copped those medi 3s off you I thought they only went to a 12! Have had to stick with a 12 for the piet's but to be fair there the only 08 release Ive gone for this year, first gold box in fact and they are BEASTS!!!!! Are you still holding some heavy 13 stock? Will post soon...my 13 collection is almost complete: 2x Lucky 7s, Unluckies, jedis, full hemp set, medicom 3s, irons, sea crystals, hufs, shang 1s, brown highs, 2x dooms, c+ks and quite a few more black boxes. has taken time and by no means complete but not a bad effort for a big fotted mutha!
  11. London meet-up - Tuesday February 26th

    Makes sense now. Stansted is a bitch of an airport though- get in and out of there asap.
  12. London meet-up - Tuesday February 26th

    Couple more shops to frequent while your over here: Imperious Rex The Three Threads Supra (portobello road) Goodhood Maharishi Selfridges, Harvey Nicols, Libertys (although wanky department stores between them they do stock BBC, Artful Dodger, Stussy, Evisu etc. plus high end designer stuff. As for genral areas of interest for shopping I'd say use your whole day exploring Carnaby St, Covent Garden and to a lesser extent (but still worth it for BWS, Hideout etc.) Soho - these are the places you need to be for decent shopping. Fu** Oxford Street unless your really keen for Niketown. Bond is rellocating....East London according to the grapevine, no word on dates. As for drinking its hard to say, really depends what your all after. Chill, Pub, Club? Hoxton Sq. is good for some drinks and a bit of music. As for cheap places your shit out of luck I'm afraid as london is rape EVERYWHERE!! Cheapest you will probably find is your garden variety Wetherspoons which are dotted all over the place. My advice is to chill with some beers/liquor bought from an offlicence after you've all got back from the great shopping expedition (where you all staying btw?), get a little merry and then head out, thats if your looking to save a bit of coin anyway. Pubs vary though generally close is at 12, some 1, 2, 3am but haven't been out in london town for a while now. Lmk if you need anymore info/advice.
  13. internet shopping for europe

    www.solebox.de http://www.bond-international.co.uk/ http://www.microzine.co.uk/ http://www.flatspot.com www.redsquareclothing.co.uk http://www.triagestore.co.uk
  14. UK import customer tax

    I've bought quite a few pairs from the states. Got hit the first time on some hemps which had a value marked down of $165 - ended up paying another £30 - the charges are all ridic but the £8 holding fee is fucking nonsensical. Anyway since that first buy I have always got the seller to mark goods at $60 or less and never had to pay another penny on import charges. twiglet is right it is sketchy but have used USPS standard airmail every time with a low value marked down - even got some DS luckys, unluckys, and shang 1s from one seller- and never had a problem. Nervous week and a half but if true value had been put down would have cost me another £200+. Oh yeah and a good tip is to get the seller to put down the customs codes on the shipping label: http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/actio...emId=1073790604 . Put GR dunks then the code. If searched customs wouldn't know the difference between some teams and a pair of lau's price wise, that is unless your obscenely unlucky and come across a sneaker minded customs officer.

    Cottage/Shepeards pie is real comfort food thats simple to make and a staple british dish, personally i love it served with peas AND baked beans. Pies more generally are a safe bet and very versatile (good puff pastry is key, brushing with a beaten egg not milk makes a big difference): chicked+ham, steak+ale/kidney etc. Liver and bacon is often on pub menus but is an aquired taste, can't get my head round the appeal of eating offal myself but my brothers and dad lap it up. Homemade fishfingers (decent cod is a must) with mushy peas makes a mature dish out of a kids favourite. If the bangers and mash went down well maybe mix it up next time and serve with bubble and squeak which is basically mash with finely chopped cabbage and leek.