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  1. My collection

    Those WTD!
  2. The Dunk SB 'Heads Up!' thread

    Need those p rods....
  3. Todd Bratrud Freddy tees

  4. The Official Non-Dunk SB Pickup Thread 2013

    dam clean PB pack! lol
  5. V.I.P. NSB Chat Group

    we out chea.
  6. hey sid, people are contacting me about really old listings that i "deleted" a while back just want to see if someone could check up on those, or are people going into the "sold area" and just PMing me? thanks -A
  7. Nike SB x Brooklyn Projects

    times have changed...
  8. shouts to warhead for these! sz 11.5 vnds with extras! PM me if interested letting for for pretty cheap!
  9. nice medis! and nick good steal again man! shouts to drew for these! 1 of 24 btnc's 10.5 and 9.5 for sale if anyone is interested! havent posted here in years...
  10. Air Jordan to have its own SB line of shoes...

    broyal ones yessssssssssssssssssss (yeah i made that word up a few years back)

    clean pick ups on this page right hereeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. adr412

    legit, take it from me check my feedback kbye
  13. Sneaker Con LA - Dec 17th

    yeah a few NSB heads will be there including myself