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  1. Not trying to prove anything but I can't lie I do like showing off haha as well as being a douche but you're right humbleness is key. I'll just post kick picks for now on. I just haven't had the chance to flick recent cops but i enjoy the chit chat. It just gets a little dull .
  2. Haha! No L's except for the blunts I'll occasionally spark. It's cool though everyone has their opinion. Didn't  mean to hate. Here she something for you all to hate on. I'm sure it could beat a Subaru in a race with class.Â
  3. Nothin wrong with Gucci but wrx wagons I think are pretty ehh you must have kids but that's okÂ
  4. Is the generic Hoonigan sticker necessary though. Makes me cringe.all the lowered honda broke boys put that shit on their car on Long Island and its wack as hell.Â
  5. Is that a Ferrari in the background!!?!?!?!!!??? So bad azz! Thoze stickerz R tight! Must make your Ferrari go faster! I know I'm a newbie around here but why do you always pose in front of your car? Is that your status symbol lol sorry to be the douche but it's as impressive as the low level sb's I post to keep me occupied when I'm bored cause it's not worth breaking out the real stash haha I remember when this site was active in 07-08?and not dead as Trevon Martin lmfao!Â
  6. Thank You!  Kanye West!👦🏿 For helping the tools, herbs and dickheads of this wonderful world, to be able to gain enough confidence to start wearing dresses and leggings for all of us to laugh at!  Yeezy Boosts are an amusing attempt for hype beast footwear of the modern world of affluenced teens living off mommy and daddy's hard earned white collar criminal dollars swindled ever so smoothly! 🌚🌝🌜🌛🌞😆‼️
  7. $100,000 for the ds red velvet carpet .
  8. Last one, sorry about the multiple post I was having uploading trouble Â
  9. More    Â
  10. Nothing special  Â
  11. Not to be disrespectful but I hope that video isn't of you because that should be in the tool/herb/dickhead thread because I'm literally dying from the cancer called douche that video emminates haha steps onto red carpet for those ugly Jay's id toss in the trash after I poop in em and those pants are obnoxiously ugly with the tag still on his jacket !? Bwahahaha the more people flaunt the less they really have in reality but to each his own but that's hilarious! Made my day!
  12. Albums 1-5 all day everyday.
  13. It is a stiff walk but I like em though, I want to cop the wheat sb's but I've  been having trouble finding them in my size for the longest time and have been tight on budget since I have been content with my collection, so I settled with the AF1s which I've only had one of since they first came out with the original white ones when I was in 4th grade with the front strap and I guess these would be the only other AF1's I've had since then. Other then that I only cop Sb's and rock general releases for everyday wear.
  14. Here's your life reflectionÂ