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  1. These are fine.
  2. These are legit.Â
  3. These are fine here. No worries.
  4. Just post a better inner tag pic if you want us to take a look and confirm. Enjoy.
  5. Couldve been a factory mistake. But these are fine.
  6. Inner tag will confirm.
  7. No red flags. These look fine.
  8. The box label is a dead giveaway. It's highly damaged and the box font is too thick around the borders. These are fake.
  9. The box label is a dead giveaway. Most fakes have horrible boxes too (e.g., damaged). These are fake.
  10. Tag looks fine here.
  11. These are fine.
  12. No issues here as Sid had mentioned.
  13. These are good here.
  14. I don't see any red flags with it nor the seller. His pictures are consistent and his other stuff are fine. GL getting a concrete answer from someone who owns a pair. I havent see too many fake vans.
  15. There are no red flags at the moment. Can you take a better picture of the inner tag? I need the see the Copyright symbol. Jedis had the best fakes IMO so it's better to be safe. Post it up when you get it.