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  1. LC on ebay seller

    here is the link to his ebay http://myworld.ebay.com/chad5734/ Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 4 Low and High

    just go the black/white pair and the suede is super soft. I love the detail of the leather stitched swoosh on the bottom of the shoe, on the sole. The inner heel liner is super comfy, its almost like a gel pad. As a bonus I got them on sale. Hit up liberty boardhshop, every Nike is on sale, 20% off
  3. Bright Tradeshow-Nike SB Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

    killing it!!! Back with a vengeance! like the gum sole and all black leather Omar's of course the denim highs Janoski's are straight fire, especially like the blue midsole accent on the red ones, and the navy gumsole are crazy Return of the blazer low, great to see that, another version of the brian anderson blazer mid cupsole Gumsol bruin look good 2011 looking good, cant wait
  4. I like the 2.5 more than the 3's. The 2.5 are surprisingly lighter and are more comfortable. The colorways are better executed than the 3's as well. Cant wait for these.

    Ready for the rest of the playoffs
  6. Got these earlier this week, LET'S GO LAKERS! And everyone has these and now so do I
  7. I like these alot, I like the stitched swoosh, its like the swoosh on the Bo Rods
  8. What One's Wearing - May

    yes in-store only, but some sites are selling em online, if you look hard enough youll find em
  9. OFFICIAL May 2010 Nike Dunk SB Pick Up Thread

    hhhmmmm White? or Black?
  10. prospecthkd

    100% legit dude right here, made a deal the same day at a great price for made for skate and nothin but the truth books Great communication. Some of the marker bled through to the box of the book but not a big deal really hope to buy from again soon
  11. boston_mcgee

    Super fast shipping, paid Thursday, shoes arrived Monday. Great price, perfect description. Did not double box, but I guess I shoulda asked for it, no biggie at all tho Hope to buy from again
  12. OFFICIAL Non-SB Nike Pick-ups 2010

    These are super light and super comfortable
  13. Got these for a steal
  14. Some of my pick-ups from the last two months, ill get the rest of em up soon non-dunk sb's only chrisare.