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  1. Dunk SB Primitive Dunks

    Some Industrial locations will have the dunks on Friday. Most malls are opening at midnight (or even earlier on Thanksgiving but shoes won't be sold till Midnight)...
  2. The Dunk SB 'Heads Up!' thread

    Primitive x DJ Clark Kent 112 Dunks will be at select Industrial locations In-store only on Friday (most malls are opening at midnight) Last few quickstrikes have been $100-125 so expect them to be around there
  3. SPOT Dunk Giveaway on Instagram??

    Just a heads up that Industrial is giving away a free pair of SPOT x Lance Mountain dunks on Instagram. Apparently they found a pair in a box that was supposed to be Black/White Dunks (size 10)... Check out @industrial_rideshop for the details on the contest. It's just a repost contest with a random winner selected. I wonder how often factory errors like that happen???
  4. Nike SB--Marty Mcfly zoom tre AD--Samples and OUT NOW!

    Yo I just noticed that Industrialrideshop.com has put these back up for pre order.

    Legit buyer! Paid me a fair price, and never BS'ed... Hope to do business with again whe he buys my Heinys! Homie can freestyle crazy good too! Haha
  6. Renegade

    Legit buyer.. Prompt payment and didn't try to lowball! Thanks again!

    I live in Phoenix Az... You don't want to know... Lets just say I win.
  8. LA Meetup July 22nd.

    PS... Bertraposa are you from ALASKA?? I notice the AK plates. Which is weird.. I'm from AK, and you drive my fav car...
  9. LA Meetup July 22nd.


    Wore a pair of my customs to a poker game... The guy holding the game liked em so much he walked out to his garage grabbed ds pair of heinys, handed them to me and said "I want you o suprise me with a dope pair of customs".. Went to a journeys where I know the manager, bought a pair of all wht GR dunks for $40, went bought a couple paint pens, painted the shoes in about 2 hours, gave them to him a week later. done deal. DS heinys for about.. $45 and 2 hours of painting. PS this wasn't even a year ago...
  11. skateability of dunks

    not tryin to start anything but i couldnt disagree more...yes it is all personal preference, there are tons of tiny differences that can make a shoe better for a person, not to mention the HUGE differences in soles, in-soles, shape, material, and grip... not many people can easily go between a cup-sole and a vulkanized sole...
  12. Dyed Cascade Hemps. and PHX Trainer 2

    sorry sz 10.. haha i would love to sell em though...
  13. Go Skateboarding Day!

    Ummmmm its like 112 degrees outside here in AZ.... I think I'll pass.
  14. Steezy Bandanas

    There was already a thread about this... and they are equally lame...
  15. My top 5 right now...

    judging by the sb floor matt... either you have a real good hook up, or you are the real good hook up