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  1. ISO dunk sb Neptune low

  2. ISO dunk sb Neptune low

    Was my first, and now I want em again. Help me out fam. Not a noob, fell off for a bit. Been around for a long while. Lookin for ds- vvvvvnds 9.5-10 Â {$_$}
  3. Nike x Doc Dog Dunks

    I got a pair of these, about to hit the marketplace, Sz10, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvnds I been researching these for a long time, and I've never seen a pair for sale. Possibly more limited than any of the city series. Sleepers of the millennium
  4. Interview the Person Below You

    recite the pledge of alliegence for 24 hours. cash or credit?
  5. Daily Confessions

    i named my first born son, Loden.
  6. Daily Confessions

    i have a drug and alcohol problem.
  7. Interview the Person Below You

    A: in SLUMERICA. Q: 3D or 4G?
  8. The eBay thread

    all of what has been up, is what i havent ever worn, or never wear... i have a whole bevy of beautful shoes to gawk at... myspace.com/empirematthew The Habit - album Tiffs, Heinys, the whole SUPREME bruin pack(only 2 of 4 worn), st johns, shimz, ect...ect.... i have a pair of Brazil ONLY release, Doc Dogs, named for the aniversery of the shoe boutigue in Sao paulo, Doc Dogs, all OG worn a few times, basicly DS. i have never seen another pair, no pics of any except release photos, takin from the actual shoe release. from what im told, they made 300 pairs, total, ONLY released @ Teir 0 Brazil locations, and 40-50 of those went to friends and family same leather as the Hufs.. if anyone has any info on these, please let it be known, cuz by my math, their more limited than the piegons, tokyos, wtd, ect. if im wrong, & their worth 40$, ok either way, they will be for sale, so peep the auctions, stay tuned. rabidgod, out.
  9. The eBay thread

    theres more where that came from^^^^^^^^^ keep an eye on my auctions, more added all the time.. for real tho, them hufs was basicly new..
  10. rabidgods meger collection

    lots for sale on the bay
  11. Nike Dunk Sb Low "SKATE DECK" SAMPLE

    sherpa perba, thems the joints, soooooooooooooooooooo much better than the highs
  12. Nike Dunk Low SB "Safari"-Spring 2011 Release

    co-signed, sux cuz Kenny powers is the man!!!!
  13. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro- "Neon J pack"

    its about damn time!!!
  14. The eBay thread

    most of my collection up on ebay, more added everyday MODS, please dont delete this, i need funds for the birth of my baby, Loden Matthew, so im trying to sell my ish. dont know if theres any steals, but LEGIT stuff, pm me and ill strike up a deal, i dunno whats up with this site, but i had 17 listings rejected, so im up on the bay. User ID : Noggin760 peep my auctions, THANK YOU MODS, PLEASE DONT GET ALL HUFFY!!!!!! rather than clog the boards, im trying this out. thanx, -matt
  15. Mary Jane thread

    My website, Www.heartwerkz.com I'm a glassblower. The site just went up, so check back often. Cheap, sturdy, awesome, American made with love by me here in California. Tell somebody. Them purps back there look tasty. mg!