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  1. Yo....
  2. sipping tea...
  3. So is running in the treadmill, for ten minutes, Monday through Friday, good?
  4. I can't believe the fat dude got owned ..... I guess size doesn't matter...
  5. keys, driver's license, and debit card...
  6. I don't get why guys where UGG-ly boots...
  7. I heard it's not infrared...
  8. I like the black/cement better.
  9. Griptapes again?
  10. The Obsidian/Charcoal is looking nice. Might cop those.
  11. Am I the only one who likes the red V's? I say the red V's are cool...
  12. This might be might first blazer... lol
  13. Hope my shop is gonna have these, still they could add a little more...
  14. Ah man I'm losing, and I still don't get it!!! Is this a game of how many numbers you can get? Man I dislike this game!
  15. Better than the last few releases, excluding the breds and concord 6 rings.