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  1. The Longest Thread

    long live n-sb
  2. Plus Skateshop Dunk Low!!

    RICHY writes: thats what it is i believe, probably a premium gr
  3. Plus Skateshop Dunk Low!!

    i like em. nice colors nothing crazy
  4. if anyone has a pair size 10 or 10.5 please let me know
  5. Stashed Boxes NYC BBQ 2.0

    cm4521 writes: that sounds great i am taking the train down from Poughkeepsie NY. I can pitch in. I also work for a german deli and will try to bring some brats, real hot dogs and some other grillers (no boars head stuff, all meats and coldcuts are processed in our store :) ) if I can figure a way to keep it cool then it wont be an issue.
  6. Stashed Boxes NYC BBQ 2.0

    i am going to try to make it to this. sounds like a good time
  7. The Dunk SB 'Heads Up!' thread

    those mids are pretty sweet. i know alot of people have hate for the mids, but those are a nice, clean, neutral color way.
  8. i know right. i would kill for a 10. damn man struck out everywhere. shoulda just went back to sloan kettering
  9. same here 10 or 10.5?!
  10. struck out everywhere. need a 10 or 10.5 really. just barely have enough. looks like im scratching around for the rest of the money for the ucs from cjnrd still
  11. cncsd writes: they still got the black rains, made for skate mids, the 311 lows as well. Nike has changed their distribution process regardless of what it says on paper. They sell sbs on their own site as well. i would not be surprised if ccs gets the tiffany highs as well.
  12. cncsd writes: the black rains, the 311's, the send help 2s and a couple other pairs were considered "quickstrikes" i believe.. and they did get them i wouldnt be suprised if they get the tiffany highs. they are going to be more widely available then people think.
  13. The "Everything" Janoski Thread V.3

    Sizes I meant
  14. The "Everything" Janoski Thread V.3

    http://www.zumiez.com/nike-sb-zoom-stefan-janoski-multi-color-black-mandarin-shoe.html?utm_source=google_product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=530408&utm_campaign=product_ads&utm_content=pla&gclid=CJ634uvf0boCFUyk4AodXlEAuA zumiez still has some lol
  15. The eBay thread

    London's on eBay. http://bit.ly/16tIet2 Date not touching barcode look off? People bidding at 800 regardless already. Not sure if 100 percent legit.