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  1. "New" Nike Air Huarache ((ACG Mowabb Pack))

    Proper may still have some left from last weeks release. Similar c/w to my Air Mowabb (1991).
  2. 3 New Journey's Dunk High Premium

    Not exclusive to Journeys, for those interested.
  3. J Dilla Walk

    I'm near speechless. Not only did Jamie and Dom make a generous donation, they donated ANONYMOUSLY. Hate to blow y'alls spot, but these are two OUTSTANDING individuals in the NSB community. A place where we're always trying to get the best deal and save money at all costs. You gotta' applaud these guys for such a selfless act. Thank you so much from the bottom of everything. My father and Dilla would smile.
  4. J Dilla Walk

    NSB, we need your help! I'm participating in the Alliance for Lupus Research "Walk With Us" event this Saturday the 17th. I'll be walking in support of my father and the late James Yancey (J Dilla), an influential musician who touched my life tremendously. If you or any of your loved ones would be interested in contributing to a great cause, please visit my personal and/or team page to make a small donation to sponsor my walk. Thanks so much for taking time to read this and remember that every dollar counts! Have a beautiful day, Cody My personal donation/sponsorship page http://walk.lupusresearch.org/site/TR/?pg=...&px=1608995 My Jay Walk team page http://walk.lupusresearch.org/site/TR/Even...p;team_id=25090 For more information on James Yancey, please visit http://www.stonesthrow.com/jdilla/
  5. Post ur gifs here!!

    You're kidding right? Poor taste? And you didn't call these out? Poor taste is having our female members run across shit like this. Lay off my boy DSB. Seriously son.

    ...you bang son?

    Beautiful Pista concept. Working on a Celeste Brava at the moment. If they produced the base Pista in Celeste, Id have gone w/ that. Although gang green isn't a bad shade.
  8. bjorn johnston &darrell stanton berry vid

    Wow. Had no idea people knew about this vid. I grew up w/ all these guys and John Berry is wayyy good at filming now. Most of these spots are here in good ol' Long Beach/LA. Peep my boys Scott and Baggy Brandon. Switch biggie heel Belmont? What? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcbRbhN-eMs

    I honestly think that most of you here have COMPLETELY missed the point of Go Skateboarding Day. -taken from www.goskateboardingday.org/about.asp You see, not everyone that skates can do so everyday. Many of us have professional careers, family obligations, full time school, and numerous other daily obstacles that keep us from pushing as we'd like to. This day is also for the kids that have no one to skate with. The kids that have never met anyone else that skates. This day holds perfect opportunity for those kids to get out there and meet new friends and more importantly HAVE FUN doing so. In past Go Skate Days, Ive met alot of great people. Kids and adults that have never skated in their life, but came out to celebrate simply for the fact they've always wanted to. You know, the father and son/daughter that you see at the park on Go Skate Day w/ the Veriflex/Nash board on plastic wheels? Lastly, if any of you cant see beyond your "fuck off Im cool" factor, stay home and play your Xbox. Let us enjoy the spot. If anyone in the Los Angeles/Orange County area is interested, Im coordinating a GSD event for Nsb.org members,family, and friends. Contact me via PM, as the thread should be up shortly.
  10. White Dunk ID's?

    Exhibition held at L.A. Contemporary, September '05. Unfortunately, I never made it into opening reception due to the fact I drank 4 whiskey sours at the bar beforehand and had sex in the backseat of a Durango for 3 hours. Im sure it was nice though. http://www.whitedunk.com/
  11. The wonderful world of Sal Barbier. Original ES Sal, circa 95-96. Bring back the shield! Peep the tongue tags. Quite possibly my fav skate shoe ever made. Completely versatile. Not a fan of these Koston c/w's, but this lineup was one of many defining moments in skate footwear. This Solist c/w was my personal fav and impossible to find deadstock now. Enjoy guys!
  12. Axion was crucial in middle school circa 97-98. Impossible to find. Ive been on the hunt for years. I once asked Koston about them at the Belmont ledges. He said he never had a pair. Dick. Here's some eye candy for my dude Skriliz. Enjoy y'all.
  13. REmoving Creases

    Oh shit. Guys Im really, really sorry I forgot about this thread. Alot going on right now but no worries. Tutorial will be completed asap. Thanks for everyone that waited patiently. Ill take care of y'all!
  14. Black/Cement Grey IV.

    You're dead then.